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Entry: "Law and Disorder...."

Okie...Someone help me out here. After recently viewing over and over again the videotape of those Ohio coppers beating the schmuck outta that guy, I am again dumbfounded as to why they had to beat the ish outta him in order to arrest him? Whatever happened to good ole fashioned MACE or teargas? Or for that matter a stun gun? I am sure they have them weapons at their disposal, no? I don't care how big a person is, or how highed up you are, after a jolt or two from a stun gun, I guarantee you will be in no mood or capacity to fight back. I am most perturbed by the actions of the one cop who was poking the ish out of the guy with his bully stick while he was apparently laying on the ground already surrounded and nearly subdued at that point. Some folk have beeched about how the guy instigated the whole affair and how he deserved it, but from my POV, no one deserves to be beat down like that. I mean if he did instigate it and was that out of control and they felt that "threatened" for their lives, why didn't they just bust a cap in his kneecaps to take him down or use some other non-life threatening method of submission. I find it hard to believe that all them cops could not subdue one person without having to beat him down like that for the length of time they did. And the fact that it happened in a city that already is rife with racial tensions over several incidents of cops beating to death black suspects shows a major lack of sensitivity to that community. Makes you wonder exactly what they teach the rookies fresh outta cop school on how to handle these kinds of situations...Okie, let me step down from my vent box and send all of y'all some love jones! Loving my peoples!!!

2 brothers and sisters helped me to understand.


on Thursday, December 4th, 2003 @ 07:17 AM EST
ebony said

I hear ya hun, I only heard the beating part about some man and that it was by cops, but they really didn't take another alternative it seems, that's unfortunate.


on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003 @ 09:42 PM EST
Art4Soul said

I hear you SweetOne. This makes the 14th incident of police in that place beating down blacks. My mouth droped when I saw that on TV. I was like Whoa wtf. What I'm really concerned with is will justice prevail. Will they do something to punish the cops for doing this. You take care sweetie. Much love back at ya