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Entry: "The things folk do..."

< shaking head >...I was just watching the morning news and saw that a group of several hundred fools "camped out" overnight in downtown Baltimore on the sidewalk in front of a moobie theater in order to be able to have "bragging rights" that they were one of the fist to see that new Lord of the Rings moobie "Return of the King" brothers and my sisters I am here to tell you that there is no future in that. Why would a rational person do that? In freezing rainy cold-azz weather mind you. They not only camped out, since 7:00 p.m. the night before but once the doors open later today, will stay inside the moobie theater to watch extended versions of the whole series and won't come out until some 15 hous later... Three words here come to mind..."Get A LIFE". Feel me? I don't care how good an actor ANYONE in this entire world is, you will NEVER catch this brutha camping out overnight to catch a moobie. Who gives a rats behind whether you saw the moobie first, second, or were the 3,000th person in line? As fast as they be coming out on DVD after being released, why would anyone?...All of this is part of that insane consumer phenomena where folk be getting up at 2:00 a.m. so they could go early Christmas shopping at the malls just to find a stoopid DVD player or some other piece of junk for a few bucs off...< /shaking head >

Ok my peoples, now that a brutha done vented his daily quotient, and am ready to face the harsh realities of an uncaring world, let me leave you with this: "Hold a true friend with both your hands"

3 brothers and sisters helped me to understand.


on Thursday, December 18th, 2003 @ 09:36 PM EST
Cheryl said

Hi Greggy,
You know I lub you right?
I had to defend myself and other folks on this one:
Being a huge LOTR fan I have to empathize with some of the excited fans. No, I would not camp out. I'm not a teenager with nothing to do and like you said, I can wait for the movie to get past that first day. BUT I CAN relate to their excitement and I don't knock it.
I REALLY wanted to see the first midnight showing, but thought better of it since the media showed that folks had camped out since 4am. I knew then that teenagers would dominate the scene.
My family and I were there almost the first thing the following morning at a more reasonable hour. The theater was packed with excited fans who have been waiting for this movie like fans of a big concert band. Please understand that the LOTR has a huge following of children turned adults like myself, who read some of Tolkiens stories as first time literary classics. I don't think that many of us wanted "bragging rights". We simply wanted to see it as soon as possible because the anticipation was great. I commented immediately on my blog, but not to say 'I saw it before you.' I said very little about the film actually. The excitement had finally died down. But Greg, learning that folks had camped out only increased the hype and excitement of seeing a wild fantasy ride that takes us away from the constant talk of terrorism, death, dirty politics, Kobe, and Michael Jackson. Many of us NEED an outlet. A means of escape into a fantasy world for a few hours. Maybe even 10 hours for the ones that sat through the trilogy.
Again, I would not do that or camp out, but I don't knock the ones that did. I don't recommend LOTR for everyone. Not everyone is into fantasy or fiction. There isn't a single African American or otherwise in this film, so many folks have no desire to see it. I can totally understand that.
But call it commercialism, craziness, zaniness consumer phenomenon or whatever, we all have our quirks and small things that just make us happy. I for one was excited about this film because it's a masterpiece of artistic and creative talent. You being an artist, can certainly relate to wanting to see what another talented artist has done with the canvas this time. I can't make movies but I admire movie makers because they use artists like you or I to start the process.
I'll end this with your quote: To hold a true friend with both your hands you must accept them faults and all; even if they can't wait to be the first in line to see a highly anticipated movie. wink


on Tuesday, December 16th, 2003 @ 09:48 PM EST
Ray said

it's insane and it's getting worse every year, it's consumerism out of control.

Cool pic Bruh.


on Tuesday, December 16th, 2003 @ 09:40 AM EST
LRT[joy] said

okay, this is my 3rd time typing this!!!!! crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy

this is not working out 4 me. i get frustrated easy, can u tell???? angry, grr then i wanna cry!!!! sad

well i was just saying how i love your pic 2 the right, it's totally awesome.

2nd i was agreeing that people r crazy, especially around the holidays.

let me hurry and send this b4 i mess up again!!!!!!