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Entry: "Where is your heart?"

Where do you live within your own heart? Are you the type of person who hides when religious sects and or salesmen come knocking at your door? Do you turn down the T.V. and quiet the place up when you see unwanted guests (not family) approaching your doorstep? When the telly goes off and the caller ID indicates it's some one who you know is going to ask a favor of you, do you let it ring it's tail off and go to voicemail? It's kind of funny how far some folk go to "hide"..LOL. The way I look at it, why hide anyway. What is there to fear by having it "your" way? If in your heart, you do not feel like speaking to someone at the door, or having unwanted guests over unexpectedly all the time, why not just say so? Just tell them up front, "Thank you but I'm sorry..." or something to that effect, and most of the time people will respect your wishes, I've found. When you go all out of your way to hide or conceal what your desires are, it's almost like they can sense that it seems. They zero in for the kill! Ever notice how people will keep calling even though you let it go to voicemail 500 times already? Or keep banging on the door for like 1/2 hour?...LOL...Are you a "hider" or do you just go on and answer the dang thing? LMAO
Y'all have a great Thursday and/or Friday depending on where you are in the wurld ;o)...payce!

5 brothers and sisters helped me to understand.


on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003 @ 03:00 PM EST
ranada dejoi said


This was an interesting post. I don't think it's necessarily hiding. Sometimes you just ignore people. Now sometimes I do hide, and sometimes I do just go on and answer the phone or the door and "be mean." I dunno. Very thought-provoking tho.


on Thursday, December 18th, 2003 @ 10:14 PM EST
Cheryl said

I don't hide, I simply ignore if I don't want to be bothered. I think we're all like that. Nobody likes interruptions. Solicitors of any type are interruptions. You were doing SOMETHING before they called or knocked on the door.
Why should I apologize? They never do. So rather than saying i'm sorry but i'm not interested, I let my caller ID or peep hole help me to ignore them so I can continue doing what I was doing.


on Thursday, December 18th, 2003 @ 08:26 PM EST
CarMiGe said

shocked Greggy was that you calling me? Knocking at my door the other day? Well, I wasn't home.... LOL

Happy Thursday to you too!


on Thursday, December 18th, 2003 @ 08:42 AM EST
pear said

smile i don't have a problem with guests dropping in, i don't tell anyone where i live! LOL! Anyway, usually I break down and tell people how I feel, but not before I let it marinate a lil bit, take the edge off. Sometimes i am a little too sharp with folx. wink


on Thursday, December 18th, 2003 @ 08:13 AM EST
Art4Soul said

It seems this year I've had many unwanted guest. Even though I let the know I would appreciate a call before they drop by. It continues to happen :o( Unfortunately some people haven't learned that droppin in on a person out of the blue is rude. They have no idea what is going on in your house hold and for some reason they feel that their presents will always be welcomed... So not true. My heart is in the right place when I say to someone I strongly suggest you call be fore coming ovet again or you'll be standing outside. LOL some folks understand Some are left outside knocking...You have a great day SweetOne I'll talk to you soon. Oh bye the way you have a open invitation to see me anytime Just call first LOL :o)