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Entry: "Mellow"

Now that I am sitting at home finally finding that chill zone after the Shock and Awe campaign from the toy manufacturers has are fun, man I look at the toys the youngsters get now-a-days and it's like...whoa...some of that stuff you can't even call is kind of sad though because most of the "toys" they make now have very little "imagination" content like the good old days, (for you younger folk that's pre-70's)...Most of the stuff now makes a lot of noise and flits about real quick but after that...???? I'm still a big kid at heart and got a real kick out of playing with my grandson while he "set-up" his imaginary world using the toy men and play animals etc we got him...mmm, sure brought back some fond memories of my childhood when I built my own little "countries" and cities with my pop-sicle sticks and toy people...then "blew" them up with fire-crackers with my army men during a "war"! LMAO....Anyways, I pray for peace and understanding between all men and women this Season and beyond...
I hope that this Christmas was a very good one for all!