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Entry: "Hitting the big Lotto...wouldn't that be nice?"

Happy January 6th! It's not really a holiday or an anniversary of any type for me, nor does this day hold any special significance that I know I'm sure that today is a special day for someone, somewhere, for some reason it's just that I don't know that so if it is then Happy Today!!
Ok, now that I got the "mushies" out the way let's get a little flow going on before I drag my carcass out the door to begin the daily ratrace...I can see why poor folk be trying like a mon to hit the lotto..*sighing wistfully* On a serious note though, if you had bust the lottery for let's say at least 50 million or more like them big jackpots be getting do you think it would change you as a person? I know it will definitely change your position in life for the good or bad, but what about you as a person? I know most of us would probably go hog wild at first buying stuff just because we could but then after it starts to really set in....I think I could handle the loot though, wouldn't change me inside, maybe on the outside (clothes, appearance, etc..) but inside I'd still be lil ole humble Greggy, cause my character is already set. What about you? Would you let the loot change you?

7 brothers and sisters helped me to understand.


on Friday, January 9th, 2004 @ 12:03 PM EST">Calvinski said

smile Change my person - nah, change me personally - you betcha. Bills all paid, college funds setup, hook up the down family members, give a little to the church & community (Black), and then try & relax with no headaches.


on Thursday, January 8th, 2004 @ 10:38 AM EST
pear said

i would still pursue my masters, but it would definately accelerate my plan to move to Africa in a couple of years...

lata wink


on Thursday, January 8th, 2004 @ 10:12 AM EST
lenayeheaven said

hey sweetie!!! thank you so much...for tha love and your comments.I link you at my site..ok...i want to make you a blend or wallpaper or something let me know....


on Wednesday, January 7th, 2004 @ 10:11 PM EST
CarMiGe said

smileHi there! I hope all is well with you and your family. I'm like you about winning the lottery....of course it would change me on the outside, but never on the inside.


on Wednesday, January 7th, 2004 @ 08:47 PM EST
Ray said

Hey Greg,

That's a tough question. I like to think that I'm set in my ways in terms of moral standards and ideology. but Someone once said that the flesh is weak, so I'm sure that I'd have to exercise some serious self control in order to keep my flow going in the right direction.


on Wednesday, January 7th, 2004 @ 08:07 AM EST
Donna said

I would not change me, but it would change my life and that of my family big grin


on Tuesday, January 6th, 2004 @ 11:19 PM EST
lenayeheaven said

hey how are u i hope fine anyway i just wanted to say my new layout is down i want u to see it.