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Why does driving have to be such a miserable chore? I remember when I was younger and more carefree driving was such a pleasure. I couldn't wait to get off work so I could go get hooked up and roll out somewhere cruizin in my beloved '74 Dodge Charger (400 cubic inch engine, big back in the day, thank you). Back then when you drove, everything seemed so different, people seemed so polite to the point it was embarrasing. I mean they would actually blow their horns at let you know it was OK to do whatever numbskull move you were about to do as a rookie driver then...LMAO. Even the other rookie drivers were at least driving slowly, carefully and studiously trying to prove to the world that they knew what the heck they were doing out there, meanwhile inside they were skurrred than a mofo. Now-a-days? P-L-E-A-S-E! People now-a-days drive as if its straight up personal, like if they don't get in front of you or go faster than you then the world will explode or sum', yanno? I love driving, when I'm on the highways, where I tend to let it all flow (but in a safe way, of course), where as I absolutely positively hate driving in the city or anywhere where folk are supposed to use stop signals, stop signs, road markings, pedestrian crosswalks but are consistently ignored by everyone! People are just so hateful and downright cannibalistic when it comes to city driving, especially the pedestrians who seemingly leap off of curbs in front of you as you drive or dare you to hit them by walking extremely slow when they are crossing the street or close to your vehicle while it's still moving...aaarrrrghhh! However, I am beginning to really consider the possibility that the vast majority of drivers on the road today are driving without having the foggiest idea what road markings, road signs, or signals mean. Apparently folk think that you only needed to know that stuff ONLY to pass the test, but once you get the paper, then sheeeeet! FREESTYLE!!! I know I'm busting a laugh on it now but it really is some scary driving going on out there.

Be careful and Stay Blessed!

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on Thursday, April 1st, 2004 @ 08:56 AM EST
Art4Soul said

shocked I hear you SweetOne driving use to be fun but not it's all and out war out there You be safe on the streets sweetie