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What the *@#% is going on with that young college girl (A.ubr.ey)? who claimed she was "kidnapped" at knifepoint and even went as far as providing police investigators with a composite sketch of the suspect? According to T.V. reports I just heard, the police are saying she made the whole incident up and they even have a store surveilance videotape of the young lady buying duct tape, rope, and other items supposedly used by her "alleged" kidnapper while she was being held "captive". She has since admitted that she just wanted to be alone...WTF????? It really angers me when people do that, causing countless number of people to disrupt their lives and take off work or school looking for your dumb axe, guvmint spending thousands of my tax dollars, getting people all riled up and worried and you somewhere chilling out pretending, probably watching peeps on T.V. searching for you...Arrrrrrrrrrggghhh!!! Anyone who has ever lost a loved one or knows of someone who had through similar but TRUE circumstances must feel that same anger and disbelief that someone would fake such a thing...Why? Last report I heard was that the young lady was admitted to a "psychiatric facility" and was under observation...what is this world coming to??

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on Saturday, April 3rd, 2004 @ 11:59 PM EST
Cheryl said

Don't be upset Greggy. It's obvious she's a little touched. At least she didn't drive her babies into a lake and make up a story saying a black man carjacked her and took her kids. plain
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