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Entry: "good side / bad side"

Whose voice do you listen to most of the time? Your good side? Or your bad side? Honestly ask yourself that question...and we all have to admit it, that we all have two different sides of our brain that we use at different times in different situations, perhaps with two distinct and separate alternate sides of reasoning. Not meaning that we USE both sides in making decisions, but maybe sometimes we do. It's sort of like the eternal struggle between good and evil manifesting inside our minds, our thoughts. I know for a fact that I have two very distinct sides of reasoning, one side is my good side or rational side and the side most likely in control of my thoughts at any given moment. This is the “me” in my zone, where I live, interpreting the data of life experiences around me, analytical in my thinking, hopefully taking all that in and making good decisions from such. On my good side. This is the me I project to the world because that is what and who I am. A good guy, not a knucklehead or saint by any stretch of the imagination, but a decent bloke, no? I call this side my rational side or "Good Greggy". My good side, mind you...This is the "greggy" you guys know because I am in good greggy mode 99.97% of the time which usually would include most of my on-line time and off-line time. Good greggy mode is where my creative art side lives, where that nice chap dwells, friendly, compassionate, very respectful, gracious, loving, humble, accepting of others, kind, yadda dadda, blah blah other words, all the good qualities a person would strive to have, so to speak. This is the side I listen to 24/7, the side I try to make my "moral compass", my anchor in life...

Then of course there is my other side...The point 3% side...I couldn't even call it my "bad" side either, 'cause it's really not "bad", as in evil bad, but bad only for the sake of comparison here. I call this.."Bad Greggy". Bad greggy thank goodness is a very rare chap, usually restricted to very critically strained moments and then for only an extremely brief moments at that. That side is my irrational side, impulsive, the meanie, the side that is always trying to do stuff that don't make no sense later on, knamean? He's been showing up a lot recently, especially when "good" greggy is operating a motor vehicle. His nickname must be Road Rager and he has been known to curse and use hand signals when feeling threatened while driving. Bad greggy has also been rumored to have entertained the notion of choking up a few fools, not once but on several occasions when they didn't appear to understand that the blinking green light on the dashboard in front of them meant they were trying to make a turn, or when I have to slam my brakes on because a foo just dropped out of orbit into my lane only to have him go into coast mode??? Or the clowns who perform those "I'm turning right at the light even though I'm in the far left lane maneuvers". I've noticed that lately I've been allowing bad greggy to control my driving, can't help it, but it's like everyone out there has lost their grasp of Driving 101 and is just free-lancing it down the hiwayzzz. ...And good greggy is finding it harder and harder to cope out there and has just been leaving the driving to bad greggy. *sigh* You guys more than likely will probably never ever run into “Bad Greggy”…that is, unless you drive slow in the fast lane, forget what a turn signal does, change lanes frequently and without looking, or any other type of behavior that indicates a total lack of understanding or regard for the driving regulations of this country.

(I know I need to work on that fool before he get me in "deep" doo!)
signed: Good Greggy

~in the hammer lane...still chilln~

6 brothers and sisters helped me to understand.


on Tuesday, July 20th, 2004 @ 02:16 AM EST
ceecee said

I find that whenever I'm stressed out, the bad side pops up. So i try to rest and play some jazz especially while driving cos lawdhamurcy...some pple sure do know how to test ur limits!

Amen...and test my limits they do, it's almost as if they deliberately do stoopid stuff just to get a reaction yanno? Thanks for stopping in!...greggy


on Monday, July 19th, 2004 @ 08:51 PM EST
Carla said

I was thinking the same as Cheryl. big grin "Greggy is hearing voices..." confused Next he'll be seeing dead people! razz Road rage scares me. Yet there have been times when I iwish I had some kinda gun installed in the front end of my car so I can blow peoples tires out. LOL That thought wears off quickly though. I sometimes laugh it off. I try to be cautious for myself and those around me.

Hehehe...ok, ok...y'all think for sure I've lost it...naw...
shhh...hear that?...greggy


on Monday, July 19th, 2004 @ 04:53 PM EST
Art4SouL said

Awww Greggy the most sweetest people in the world can bust a vein driving on the highways and byways of America. crazy I try to listen to good Nina most of the time she is my totally calm creative cool eh? side. But I have to admit when some micro wit does something to piss me off and I’m sitting there fuming. Bad Nina makes an apperance. I don’t get out of my car, I don’t raise the middle finger. But I’m saying some words in my car that would cause the oil in my car to boil over LOL. Any way hon don’t bad greggy get you down cause after all he is a part of you. Just like bad Nina is a part of me after all that bad side also makes us what we are.Take it EZ smile

Yes indeed, I've seen people morph in front of my eyes once behind the wheel. Thank heavens I don't have road rage THAT bad, but it does make driving a pain in the ask me why? Be good smile


on Monday, July 19th, 2004 @ 03:30 PM EST
Cheryl said

Greggy?! I'm worried about you. You're hearing voices in your head? razz
Well, you KNOW already how I feel about bad drivers. But i've learned to listen to the "Good Cheryl" voice inside my head too. Oh NO! It's contagious!! crying need to worry, I'm not hearing voices in my head at all.. heck, girl I think I can hear them in my monitor! LMAO!...greggy


on Monday, July 19th, 2004 @ 12:22 PM EST
Angela said

Heh....Greggy I can relate to the road rage thang. I am a stickler for good driving... and can't stand to see some butthead in front of me on a cell phone, swerving all over the road...or some pepere` tailgating me. Last week 'Bad Ang' actually jumped outta her car at a stoplight, went to the driver's side window of the car behind her, and admonished a guy for riding her azz! I proceeded to flip off everyone driving offensively. Bad, Bad Ang! You're not alone...thankfully the "BAD" side only takes up 3% of da brain?! smile Love ya man,

Well...let me clarify..I'm not some wild-eyed maniac behind the wheel..I aint never gone as far as stopping and confronting, down here that can get you slain real quick...ya see a brutha aint too angry now is he? Good greggy rules!...greggy


on Monday, July 19th, 2004 @ 10:02 AM EST
Frank said

What up dawg? And I'm addressing the good Greggy here-lol. That was a tight post. Almost a small comparison to my friends thought process of SUV drivers that I installed in my blog last night. America's drivers are taking frustrations out on each other in startling numbers. Most of it probably starts out pretty tame, a simple honk, a "come on, what are you waiting for?" type of deal. And slowly escalates from there.

What I liked about what you said is that you recognize and make no qualms that there are catalysts that sets "bad Greggy" into motion and that he truly exists, but usually set off by stupid a## drivers.

Today's drivers, are the worst, let's be real. It's virtually high noon on the country's streets and highways. Some call this road recklessness, and even auto anarchy! I think like many of us nice people man, you've become a victim and inadvertently sucked into the fray. I'm betting though that the Good Greggy will always come out on top. I think my area, 495 on the Inner and Outer Loop is the home of Road Rage. And alot of us nice folk are on 24/7 alert daily! Watch out for those fools out there man and get to that destination safely. Peace.

Yeah, Good Greggy will always come out on top, 'cause he the stronger and more intelligent of my sides...LOL, and most definitely I agree with you that 495 Inner or Outer should be re-named "White Knuckle Alley"..LMAO. I'm chilln' and making it though, thanks for the drive-by bro!...greggy