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Entry: "Idling...waiting on a passenger"

Sometimes I wish I were a morning bird content to stretch my wings and fly on the winds of happiness. To soar far above the earth riding currents of's always nice to think calm things and drift for a moment whenever things get a little hectic inside the ole brain...

What do you do when you have like 50 eleven million things to blog about but when you log in to blog it's like....uh...ok....hmmm....dam

Or in my situation, I feel on fire creatively right now but I'm having a hard time getting my brain to slow down enough to translate what I'm feeling...I hate when that happens to. It is so frustrating, almost like someone dangling a fat chunk of double chocolate fudge cake in front of me and then snatching it away as I reach for it. I sometimes get extremely creative whenever I get wound up with job tensions or life issues and then it's just a matter of getting prepared for the creativestorm that is soon to follow.
When I was younger, whenever I got punished and had to stay in the house or in my room is when I created my best pictures as a kidddie. Even now as an adult I think my best works are created shortly after something stressful or emotional happens in my life. More than likely this is because I channel most of the negative energy into the passion of creating artwork. I find this to be very therapuetic as it allows me to sort stuff out mentally while at the same time catch a serious creative flow.

And last but not least, without naming names I need to apologize to a few individuals who I know more than likely will read this post....You see, the last few days I've had a few "negative karma" moments with a few key individuals both on my job and in my personal life and want to publicly acknowledge to them without going into the juicies that I am sincerely sorry for those bad vibes emmanating from somewhere inside bad greggy and apologize for reverting temporarily to azzholizm when a degree of prefessionalism and wisdom would have done the trick more efficiently and most definitely with a better result.

With that said and out the way, I sincerely hope that everyone of you has a very good weekend! Have fun, be safe and above yourself, after all you're an expert at it, right?


4 brothers and sisters helped me to understand.


on Saturday, July 31st, 2004 @ 08:40 PM EST
Art4SouL said

Awww Greggy you are a very sweet man as well as artistic. Folks like us get emotional sometimes and sometimes its unreasonalbe but its only because we are so passionate. You will be forgiven anything luv because deep down you have a good heart. You'll flow when your heart, mind and soul are ready

Thanks my friend for the uplift. I know it doesn't excuse much but I also have noticed that artists and other creative minded folk are far more passionate and emotional in their stands in any given discussion. Plus being a Taurus pretty much sealed it for me...hehehe. I do wish I had more of the gift of articulation though because I do know when I get in "kirk" mode, bad greggy may seize the microphone and say stuff...hehehe...I've already started mapping in the ole brain a flow, a vibe to capture for my next creation...I'm ready


on Saturday, July 31st, 2004 @ 01:24 PM EST
A~ said

sending you hugs and smooches and warm-fuzzy vibes...Happy weekend Greggy

Hmmm...thanks A~ for all the mushy mushies, have a blast this weekend also! went by your site but it's acting silly, did manage to hit the board though, what gives?...greggy


on Saturday, July 31st, 2004 @ 02:14 AM EST
Meadow said

Hey, we all get into funks that give us a raw edge. Life is an emotional rollercoaster and sometimes there is a maniac at the contols making us scared and frantically screaming. Your art will evolve when it is ready to reveal itself... Let yourself be, you know that happiness naturally abides in you.

Thanks Meadow! I'm going to have to start referring to you as the "Lighthouse"...always shining rays of positivity and good vibing through the darknees of the internet...hhehehe. Thnaks for the boost Meadow!...greggy


on Friday, July 30th, 2004 @ 09:14 PM EST
Toya said

Seems you were on a roll lately huh? lol but I admire you being big enough to admit your mistakes in public that is good. I know whoever you pisssed off will forgive you and get past it you are hard to stay angry at LOL. Have a good time this weekend and avoid the neg karma big grin

Toya, thanks for stopping by with a good vibe for me :o) Yeah it does seem like I was in some sort of bad karma zone or something for a spell. Even you and me had a "moment" a while ago, glad that's behind us. I just felt it was necessary for me to blog about that since I was wrong in the "articulation" department while trying to get my point across. Hopefully they will accept it and we can all move on, yes? Enjoy the day!...greggy