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Entry: "weather related and other observations..."

My goodness what the devil is going on with the weather? I really feel for the folk down the way who are dealing with hurricane after hurricane this season. This is ridiculous for sure. Although we up in here in Maryland have been pretty fortunate as far as extreme weather goes this year, my counterparts to the south haven't been so lucky this year. Yesterday as the remnants of Hurricane Ivan tord up this way, my neighbors down in Virginia were hit by numerous tornadoes and violent weather. We up here in Baltimore were under tornado watches and the most we got out of it was some pretty hard rain and wind, so yes a brutha is counting his blessings. I pray that my partners down the way are safe and that they didn't suffer too much damage in the storm. I know my web brutha Frank of Fantasy Beyond lives down Virginny way and I hope he and all of his loved ones are safe and sound. As well as all my web family who live in the path of the storms I hope you guys are all OK and didn't suffer tremendously. Even Nona and some of my other partners from the D.C. area and surrounding 'burbs were having some wild weather issues too. I was looking on the news last night and saw photos of parts of Pittsburgh under water...w.t.f? That's near my old hometown of Midland so naturally I was like...whoaaaa! Thank heavens when I talked to my sister in Pennsylvania this morning she told me they were OK. They had major mudslides and road and bridge closings everywhere along with trees down and debris everywhere. I am so glad I didn't make that road trip up the way that I was planning for this weekend, for sure we would have been frinked big time. I'll call my other sister down in Richmond Virginia later today, I'm sure Mother Nature and Hurricane Ivan were acting a fool there too. My prayers go to all who lost anything or who took a direct hit as Ivan flexed his muscles. Now there is yet another storm down the way aiming for the mainland again isn't there? goodness...makes a brutha nerbis...

Ok, now that the brutha is on vacation this week coming up, I need to focus on some items of interest that I need to tackle, namely tackling the rest of the home renovation projects that I started way back in the spring before the lazy days of summer set I was supposed to finsh renovating our bedroom way back in July, but got side-tracked by other issues at home, the weather, and my health. Also I'm a bit nervous and scared perhaps since I also have two doctor's appointments for this coming week that are making me a bit nervous. I don't like hospitals and such anyway and Monday the 20th, I have to go get a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis region so that the doctors can try to figure out if I'm actually an alien or not...*sike* No, they are handling thier biz trying to make sure I'm not rusting away inside or sum' I was told that before I get the CT scan that I have to drink a barium solution so that my organs will be more clearly distinguished during the scan and can be seen better. I went to the pharmacy yesterday to pick up the barium and OMG if they didn't hand me two gigantic bottles of solution that I have to drink before the scan. Just drinking those bottles will kill me I am sure...LOL. They look straight up nasty and they big as hell. I don't care if they flavored the frink out of that stuff by calling it banana flavored, you aint tricking this ole dog, that stuff is nasty. As long as he doesn't whip out any needles or sharp probing instruments, then I'll be good to go though! I've been having some health issues that perhaps will make it to my blog one day, but until then a brutha sure can use some positive prayer, it is always appreciated.

Well, it's time for me to go do my weekend thing, just rolled out of bed a few moments ago, now it's time to freshen up the face and breath so I don't scare the family with my "saturday morning look" or "saturday morning vapors" when they get up...LMAO.

You guys take care of yourselves..
and each other....~peace~

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on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004 @ 04:30 PM EST
Honey said

Hey Greggy, just catching up on all of my favorite blogs. Hope you are enjoying your vacation and even bigger hopes that your appointments went well. I'm beginning to think that men have an "unfinished renovation" gene, lol. Let me know how your project turned out for you, maybe I can motivate my hubby to finish his. You know that "competition gene" you guys have is strong too, LOL. Take care

Hey Honey, thanx for stopping by with your positive vibes. You better believe I am enjoying this vacation, I just would like to file a complaint with someone about sum'...apparently the days are going by too fast, I think someone broke the lever that controls how quick a day goes past, knamean? LOL. Thanx for you concern about my appts, aside from a sore arm where the one nurse attempted to dig for gold instead of a vein, a brutha made it through... And uhh..I don't think you can use me as any sort of role model or inspiration for the hubby either, this brutha has yet to lift the renovators finger since I been on vacation... don't blame me, blame Bush and that gene you referred have a good rest of the week...G


on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004 @ 10:49 AM EST
Ray Garraud said

I'll definitely send some prayers and positive thoughts your way bruh. The last few years I've been making sure that I go for my annual check-ups. Now that I'm pushing 43, I've found that things can start to get little rusty if you don't stay up on it.

So keep going with the flow, do your best and the lord will take care of the rest.

Thanks Ray, your prayers and vibes are greatly appreciated. I started paying a bit more attention to this body of mine once I hit the big 4-0 awhile back. Now that I'm a half year away from 49 (*yikes*) you know I got to focus and be serious about my health too. And most definitely my faith and trust in the Lord are key to me. Recently my body been sending me signals that something aint quite right somewhere, so I'm trying to let the docs do their thing and figure out what's up...I'm sitting back enjoying whats left of vacation, actin' like I know. Have a peaceful rest of the week brother...G


on Tuesday, September 21st, 2004 @ 04:56 PM EST
Frank said

What up brother Greggy? I feel you on that weather last weekend. The eerie thing was, on Saturday my wife called me up from the local Walmart telling me to tune to the TV because there were threats of Tornadoes in the
Centreville area. At the time I was tied up in a movie (there's a surprise)
and I was giving her the 3rd degree about, "come on, I'm into this flick!" She's like, honey there are tornadoes in the area. Possibly ours. So I tuned
to the local channel just to appease her and the live report was coming from
a shopping center directly behind our neighborhood. I was like, damn that
shopping plaza looks familiar! And sure enough, there in the distance on
this live feed was this impending tornado! Freaky man. But it completely missed us so thanks for the concern dawg.

And I feel your pain on that "tonic" you had to drink. Here's hoping that
all turned out fine for you my man. I hate hospitals like the dickens too.
Be well and I hope to hear from you soon! Happy renovating to ya! Peace

hehehe...that shows us brutha's how much we better start paying a little bit more attention when they speaking, ehwink LOL..I'm thankful we haven't had anything like tornadoes here, at least not where a brutha lays his head. I just can't imagine what it would be like to have to go through one...
The one doc appt is gone and past, right now waiting on results and preparing for the next one on Friday, all in all I'm cool calm and And as I figured, here it is vacation almost over and I have yet to do anything major with home renovation, just a few dibs and Vacation will do that to a brutha, I tried to warn them..lmao....take care brutha..G


on Monday, September 20th, 2004 @ 08:14 PM EST
Art4SouL said

Hi Greggy, Yep I made it through the storm it was rough out there last Thursday. A lot of people here got flooded out. My family is doing ok. But my sister in FL had to go to a shelter their house got freaked up. I hope were all done with the bad weather crap it's getting on my nerves. Hope your enjoying your vacation and not trying to do to much. Im sure everything will go well with your doctors appointments. Ill be praying for you my brotha. That drink sounded awful. I bet you had to pee like a mofo LOL!!! You just take good care of yourself my sweet friend. Take it EZ

Glad you and your family made it through OK Nina. I was thankful we didn't get much up this way this time. Sorry that your sis and her family got their house messed up, at least they have their lives so thats always a good thing. I am enjoying my vacation as much as possible, you know it seems like it's going by in the wink of an eye I got one more doctors appointment for Friday, I hope they don't make me drink or eat anything silly LMAO. Have a good week and thanks for stopping by...G


on Sunday, September 19th, 2004 @ 12:30 PM EST
Claudia said

Enjoy renovating your home. That's my favorite past-time, besides restaurant hopping, LOL. This weather is something else. I think NYC is using it as an excuse to have even worse train service, then they already have. Blame it on the rain.

I love doing home renovating work, it gives me a sense of satisfaction looking at the finished work. Home Depot is my place to be! If the train service there is that bad, don't waste blaming it on the rain...blame it on Bush!


on Saturday, September 18th, 2004 @ 04:54 PM EST
Meadow said

I am very glad I live way above all that weather mayhem down in the southern USA. We just have thunder and lightening, with major rain drenching. No tornados or hurricanes crazy

I'm sorry you are feeling unwell. I will send the healing white light to surround you and protect your fine self until you get your full energy back again. We only get one body in this old world, I hope your doctors are extremely capable and can fix yours up a treat smile

Be very thankful Meadow that you don't have to put up with this silly weather...but I do know that when you guys winters go wild, they go wild, yes? All in all though Maryland actually has a very nice year round climate. Normally the summer's are not too hot, just a dash of humidity here and there...and the winters are usually not too cold either, an occasional frinked up day here or there....Thanx for caring about my well-being, much appreciated. Actually at the moment, I am feeling great, it's just that the doctor's have been "finding stuff" during routine testing that concerns them enough to do additional tests. I'm doing my best to take good care of this ole shell though, believe that!...G


on Saturday, September 18th, 2004 @ 12:56 PM EST
ceecee said

hey Greggy! LoL @ scaring ur fam w/ saturday morning vapors! the dominoe effect hurricane ivan is not nice...everybody's been affected! we were finally having rosy weather and it's gone back to chilly, at least we didn't have anything serious like tornadoes and flooding.
just stopped by 2 say hi! have a great weekend! smile

Hey ceecee...yeah, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a bad case of the "vapors" in the morning when you get up, eh? I know plenty of peeps who are afflicted even during the day LMAO. At least I recognized and did sum' bout it! Now that summer has peaked on us, it is time to start getting ready for Daddy Chill, I'm about to go get my shop on for some sweaters and leather jackets. I'm glad you guys didn't get anything whack either like tornadoes and all that wicked stuff, we had some in other parts of the state but here we were good to go :o)
Have a beautiful day today!...G