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Entry: "Weekend Road Warrior"

*EDIT*....The following blog was blogged Thursday morning before I discovered this Friday morning that my car was having mechanical issues that will force me to put off my planned weekend trip from this weekend until next weekend. *sigh* Better for it to happen now instead of while I'm on the highway in the middle of nowhere, huh?...*END EDIT*

I'm going to be making a road trip up the way to western Pennsylvania this weekend, going to go see my younger sister and her crew and my mom. I really should be beaten with sticks since I haven't been able to make the trip up there at all this year so far, in years gone past I always made it up there at least twice a year. I love making that trip while at the same time I despise making it. I love making the trip as long as the weather and traffic conditions co-operate. Once the elements turn against you, the trip can be quite nerve-wracking. You see, I love the open highway and whenever I'm taking a relatively long trip, I like being the driver. That is, providing the flow of traffic is smooth and not bumper-to-bumper. A brother will literally lose his mind in bumper-to-bumper, a change will come over me and Bad Greggy usually ends up in the drivers seat then. But give me some open highway...and no state troppers acting all antsy, pu-leeeeese! Usually when the speed limit's 65 on the hi-way, I'll more than likely be trippin 70-74. My hi-way policy is quite simple: Never be the fastest, never be the slowest, and always make sure your lights and other automobile devices (things that will give Johnny a reason to pull your axe over)are in good working order. I love driving on a nice smooth hi-way. especially at late night or very early in the morning. Give me all of those things and a brother can seriously get his flow on while driving. The only bad thing about the upcoming trip is that certain sections of Pennsylvania can literally be compared to driving on an asteroid with all the horrendous craters and tire-eating black holes on some of their roads..uuugghghh! Come to think of it, there's a certain section of I-295 around these parts that can literally "jar" you to your senses if you drive through that minefield. But all things square, I'm really looking forward to seeing some of my fambily this weekend and getting my hugzz and kisses on a lot of my nephs and neices! So Mom, Sis, here's looking at you! I'll be coming around that mountain when I come...LMAO!

Have a great day my peoples!
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on Friday, October 15th, 2004 @ 08:22 AM EST
A~ said

Awww G- am I the only one who remembers the VW fahrvergnugen commercials from the 90's? anyway, that wasn't a curse werd in another language- it means getting your drive-flow on! becoming one with the steering wheel! heh. anyway. yeah.. glad the post went through. take care of yourself sweetie! A~


on Thursday, October 14th, 2004 @ 07:50 PM EST
Art4SouL said

Oooo road trip... road trip... I got shot gun LOL I hope you have a safe and wonderful time with your family Greggy. Tell the Crew Hi from me. Don't lean on that gas pedal to hard cause 5-O will get you wink See you when you get back Take it EZ

Yeah Boooiiii! :o) Thanx Nina-Bina! Yeah you can shot gun it, rumor has it that you a swift somebody on the road too! lol! I don't plan on 5-0 and your boy to have any close encounters of the 'pull over would you son" kind either! Have a graciously lazy weekend Nina! Sketch ya latah!...G


on Thursday, October 14th, 2004 @ 12:23 PM EST
Meadow said

Travelling requires lots of snacks. You just haven't lived till the floor of the vehicle is littered up razz cool eh? Check the tire pressure and oil before you go, make sure the spare tire is full of air. Safe journey, I'm sure your family is excited that you are coming and the hugfest will not stop till they are waving you back down the road smile now I can see who's been breaking into my car and leave candy wrappers and chip bags all over the floor..dang!..LOL. Thanks for the safety check my friend, I'm just as excited to see them as too! Now that's the hard part about the trip, the good-byes *sigh*. But I am sure everyone will be needing their sanity by the time I'm done up there..LMAO! Have a good weekend Meadow...G


on Thursday, October 14th, 2004 @ 08:31 AM EST
Ange said

fahrvergnugen! haha! hehe hope you enjoy the weekend Greggy

Hi Ang! Yaaaay for your comment not disappearing on us!! lol. Uhhhh, what exactly does that fahrvergnugen mean? You wasn't cussing me out in a foreign language now was you? LAMO...sike! Thanks A and you have a smoooove weekend yourself!...G