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Entry: "Ahhh...the weekend!"

Well my brothers and sisters, the weekend is upon us again...can I get a Heyyyy!!!!! I'm preparing to flee Maryland for my much anticipated weekend jaunt up yonder to Pennsylvania land to slay dragons and fire-eating beasts. Well...not fire-eating beasts, maybe they just spit smoke...LOL. Seriously, after getting the car repaired I'm finally about ready to split this joint and go check out my Mom at her place and my sister Donna and her crew where they chilling at up there.

Speaking of the car....You want to know what was causing me to have car "issues" in the first place? Apparently in most major urban areas, Baltimore included, "rodents", errrr...rats, have taken a liking to newer model automobile engine blocks since they are a warm place to rest on a chilly night as the engine block in a car cools down...they have a habit of climbing from underneath into the engine blocks of some cars that have recently parked and while they are chilling out down there they apparently have discovered how tasty electrical wiring is for them. So while they are there, they chew the electrical wiring up, which in my particular case just happened to be the wiring that controls the linkage between the transmission and the engine, thus the problems I was experiencing. Frinking amazing, huh? It's not just a "city" issue either as I am told by the car repair folks that even people in the burbs have that problem too, except a lot of their issues are caused by squirrels...And squirrels go buck wild nuts on some automobile wiring systems, almost as if it's squirrel crack or sum'...LOL. I've been told to employ the "moth ball" defense though. Basically you get some moth balls or moth ball crystals and pour them into little pouches made from old stockings and then find a way to afix said pouches underneath and inside the engine block area of the the car so that they are bundled securely within the automobile electrical wiring harness. This is supposed to be like pepper spray to rodents and squirrels. Seems to be working so far...*shrug* And for all of you out there going "Ewwww, he got rats where he lives..Ewwww....!"...laugh and get over it. They aint my rats..LOL. I hate 'em just like you do. They make homes in just about every neck of the woods known to man, but of course you'll find more of them wandering city streets in disguise no doubt. I'll just have to make sure I am more selective in where I park Only thing that really put a damper on my spirits was the fact that I took the car to the shop expecting something to be mechanically wrong that would be covered by the warranty. Of course wires being munched on by hungry crack-infested rodents can't be found nowhere in the little blue book, dagsnabbit! Little bassards set me back 176 smackeroos!

Anyway...enough of life in the city, my thoughts now turn to mentally preparing for the drive up Pittsburgh. I'll prepare my self by eating junk food most of the day for maximum sugar overload. By the time I start the trip early in the morning I'll be bouncing off the walls and it'll help me stay awake while driving..LMAO. Also, by relaxing most of the day and laying low, I'll conserve energy and then by around 9-10 o'clock tonight I should be ready to pull the plug and call it a day. Hopefully if I can get myself, the wife and daughter up and everyone ready to roll by 4 in the morning we can flee then! If I don't run into a flock of quota-hungry state troopers or sum' it shouldn't take more than 4.5 to 5 hours drive time and that's including 1 highway sanity pit-stop. So...Midland, Pennsylvania here I come!...

*mentally plotting in my memory the exact location of 2 infamous tire-eating potholes on the Pa. Turnpike that apparently are placed there by their Dept. of Roads and Highways just for my car every trip that I have ever taken up that way*

Hope you guys have a great weekend!
I'll sketch y'all latah!

2 brothers and sisters helped me to understand.


on Friday, October 22nd, 2004 @ 08:38 PM EST
Hopluv said

Tell me about the car repairs! I spent $600.00 this week - and the rats didn't have anything to do with it.

Have a great weekend - enjoy your visit with your mom!


on Friday, October 22nd, 2004 @ 12:33 PM EST
j.o.y. said

crying sorry 2 hear about your car. but u r right, better 2 know before u got on the road, then later, when something really messes up and costs way more than a hunid bucks.

hope u have fun on your trip.

we just bought a new Expedition, and it will come in handy 4 trips like these. satisfied wink