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Entry: "Home Sweet Home"

Well, I'm back in Maryland after returning from my weekend trip to western Pennsylvania.
I guess I can sum it up in 3 parts: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

The Good: My goodness, all of my nieces and nephews are just so beautiful. I am so proud of both of my sisters children and had such a wonderful time playing and clowning with all of them. I stayed at my sister Donna's house and we all went out to dinner one evening and had a wonderful time getting a chance to become re-acquainted with everyone again. Unfortunately I could only spend one evening there due to the fact that I had to head back to Baltimore on Sunday, but still a wonderful time was had by all. I cant wait until I visit up that way again which should be soon, hopefully before the Christmas holiday.

The Bad: The weather, both going up there and on the way back sucked big time. We left at Saturday at 4:30 a.m. from Baltimore and had relatively decent weather conditions then, but by the time we hit the mountains of Western Maryland everything went down hill. Mainly it was the fog. I have never driven in fog that thick before. I did get a little bit nervous a few times because visibility had dropped to like 1 car length in front of you and we were driving through mountains with all these curvy roads and hills. Then both my wife and daughter woke up and instantly became back seat and passenger side drivers for me...LMAO. Plus I got to thinking about all those chain reaction collisions you be hearing about all the time on the news, where like 500 cars crash into each other in foggy weather. Thankfully it didn't last the whole journey but it did happen on the way back too as we drove through lower Pennsylvania heading back. Maybe they should rename Pennsylvania, Foggyvania or sum'.

The Ugly: Remember in my last blog I mentioned something about over-zealous state troopers? Well wouldn't you know, it wasn't a state trooper who decided to make his day, it was one of those tiny town police department coppers who took a chance that I might be some high-level drug dealer from Maryland and decided to pull me over just miles from my sisters house on a trumped up accusation of speeding...LOL. Check this though, my daughter who just recently had bought a camcorder, just happened to have it out and was filming the passing scenery from the back seat when Dudley Do Right decided to flip his lights on and pull me over.. Girlfriend saved me from getting a ticket no doubt. It was a 35 MPH zone right? Homeboy was doing bout 38-maybe 39 (meanwhile "other" drivers are just zipping past me) and I know this because the cop-man had been following us for at least 2-3 miles and I had been watching him in my rear-view the whole time so naturally your boy wasn't going to go do something foolish and speed while he was in view anyway. When he flipped his lights on I knew right from the jump what the deal was. I was getting pulled over for DWB...that's driving while black for those of you who have not a clue. In any event Mr. Copman saunters up to my window with this sneer on his face asking "Do you have any idea why I pulled you over?"...naturally I answered back that I didn't have a clue, although what I really wanted to say wasn't nowhere near as polite. He claimed I was doing 56 in a 35 MPH zone. I replied that I didn't believe him but also said I wasn't about to sit there and argue with him since he had the power. As he turned to take my paperwork and license back to his car to call it in he noticed that my daughter had decided to continue filming the entire incident on her camcorder. He sat in his car and got on the radio and after about 5 minutes eased on back up to my car and proclaimed all nice-like..."Well, tell ya what I'm gonna do son....I'm going to give you a verbal warning this time, but the speed limit up this way is 35..." Naturally I did that role of "Thank you, appreciate that officer..." but as I drove away I cussed him out something terrible...LMAO...The funny thing is, my daughter Rena still had the tape recording so naturallly she caught that part too! It was frinking hilarious watching and listening to the whole episode afterwards. But bottom line is this...the tape clearly showed I wasn't speeding because it showed other cars zipping past me and it also showed how slow we were moving in comparison to the passing scenery. Mr. Copman apparently saw my out-of-state plates and thought he was about to make headlines like they do on that show C.O.P.S, where they catch hi-level drug smugglers passing through their state... LOL. Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Copman, but your homie don't roll like that. Your boy is not that stoopid in life, aight?..So 100 huggzzz and kissses to my daughter for having that camcorder rolling at that particular time, you saved your Dad a couple hunnid, no doubt..LOL

So, thats my trip in a nutshell, sure is good to be home though. Unfortunately this is my first day back at work after returning from a weeks vacation...well, you know how that goes!

Y'all have a great week ahead!

4 brothers and sisters helped me to understand.


on Wednesday, October 27th, 2004 @ 09:00 PM EST
Honey said

Hey Greggy, stopped by to see what's goin on. This is the first time seeing the new layout. I see you are living up to your name, LOL. I'm feeling it, go 'head with your creative self.

Hey Honey, yeah you know...I'm just doing my thang, flowing and actin like I knowing :o) G


on Wednesday, October 27th, 2004 @ 05:54 PM EST
angela said

awww, man! all i hafta say about that cop is %#&@$! Glad it all worked out in your favor in the end.. although you shouldn't have been stopped in the first place plain hmm. Good to know you are back safe, sane, and sound! take care G~

Wowwer, wasn't that somethin? Actually I almost expect ish like that to happen whenever I'm out of state, since I do know the troopers like to target out-of-towners since they know it would be hard for them to come all the way back to fight a ticket in court...I'm happy to be back too! Get your groove on!...G


on Tuesday, October 26th, 2004 @ 04:01 PM EST
Shanti said

aw i see you had a magnificent time with your family big grin thats lovely greggy!

Yepper Shanti! I had great fun visiting them, especially the little nieces and nephews, they were so adorable and fun! Seeing my Mom again in several months was also a highlight! I'll be going back up that way again near Christmas, weather permitting. Have good day my friend...G


on Monday, October 25th, 2004 @ 07:54 PM EST
Art4SouL said

smile So happy you had a wonderful trip with the family. And Errr Ummm watch it with those cops boi. You might find one that will break the camera wink But if he did I'm sure the Soul Survivor would have given him a good ole fashion from the hood beat down wink Have a wonderful week Greggy Take it EZ

Thanx Nina. I had a splendid time up there, but as I told you earlier, that cop was the only low-point of the trip. And actually if he would have broke the camera...well let's just say I aint no Rodney King, aight? *wink* have a grand week yourself Nina...G