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The closer we get to Christmas the more I despise the now constant commercials on TV urging you to buy, buy, buy!! Whatever happened to the Christmas I grew up with? Heck, although we had toys back then and surely Mom, Dad, Uncle, and Aunt spent a bundle back then to appease our little kiddie souls, I'm sure the true meaning of Christmas was not lost on so many as it is today. I was watching the TV yesterday and noticed how all the commercials were begging you to buy this and buy that for that special someone and I couldn't help but notice that all the things they were urging me to buy were for items costing several hunnid or thousand dollars or more!!! Big ticket items like plasma T.V's, diamond tell her your sorry rings, hi-end automobiles like Lexus...ok, yeah, give me a break. Not like a few years ago, stuff was being hawked for a "low" of 40-50 ducats on average per gift. Today...puh-lease! At what point in time did everyone become instant millionaires during the year and forgot to let me know? Anyway, what on God's earth does a fat man with a beard who once a year flies around the world being pulled by flying reindeer and after sliding down millions of chimneys and giving out toys have to do with what we are supposed to be celebrating? I know I sound like The Grinch this morning, LOL, but seriously, I wonder how many folk have the economic courage to resist the constant screams to rush out and buy this and buy that for Christmas. Why not just either make someone something using your hands or heart? Bake something, make something, sing something, write something, share something, do something...anything besides falling for that yearly corporate lie that the rest of us won't be happy unless you go out and spend yourself into debtsville. Just make more of an effort to remember the reason for the season. Have a great Monday and week ahead everybody! I'm off to find some breakfast...


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on Monday, February 28th, 2005 @ 10:23 AM EST
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on Monday, February 28th, 2005 @ 10:23 AM EST
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on Monday, December 13th, 2004 @ 05:57 PM EST
shanti said

lol i agree with you greggy! whatever happened to the meaning of xmas? well not in the sacred way but imean isnt xmas a time to be TOGETHER and not to buy each other presents lmfao

Hey Shanti! How are you doing? Hope everything is going great with and for you, yes? I'm all for that being together concept versus spending myself dry idea. Have a good time N...


on Sunday, December 12th, 2004 @ 02:04 PM EST
Frank said

Hey brotha man. Sounds like the whole commercialism aspect of Christmas almost passed you by. I noticed several years ago, when Christmas was being discussed before Thanksgiving. A virtual no no back in my childhood days. Unfortunately, if you're going to watch regular tv, you're going to be bombarded with the commercials. I've found with a concentrated effort (watching prgrams on cable-lol), I can actually avoid all of this nonsense. People like us are the ones still staying grounded. And there's plenty of us out there to keep the realistic aspect of Christmas alive my friend. Be well...

You're right's still amazing when you consider how much loot is now being spent compared with back then though...and back then it was probably at least 85% of the stuff being bought was going for toys for it's probably 85% material stuff for ADULTS...*shaking head in amazement*...Anyway, peace in your house brother...G


on Saturday, December 11th, 2004 @ 08:52 PM EST
Gurl said

it's sad right? the massive marketing that goes into everything is amazing..but we're a consumer nation after all

Hi Gurl! :o) How's your journey away from it all here been? Thanx for stopping in e'er now and then...when you gonna get your page back on???? Hows Runner??? Be cool!...G


on Friday, December 10th, 2004 @ 08:16 PM EST
Art4SouL said

Woooo Chile you hit the nail on the head with this post. I too say get out of the stores and reach into your minds and hearts and give from your soul not your pockets. You have a wonderful Weekend G-man. Take it EZ

Hey NinaGirl :o) Hapy December to your Georgia soul! Well actually your Illinois soul eh?..Well have a smoooove week ahead girl. Slow down too in time for the holidays, don't burn yourself out at werk, k?...G


on Thursday, December 9th, 2004 @ 11:28 AM EST
Ray G said

You're right G. Christmas used to be from the heart, now it's from the pocket. a lot of folks are focusing on what's gonna be under the tree and forgetting the basics.

Peace bruh

Brother Ray. It's amazing how today most of the younger generation seem to think Christmas is a holiday based on how much or what gifts you're going to get that morning. Actually quite a few of the older generation feel that way too. oh well....Have a good one...G


on Tuesday, December 7th, 2004 @ 10:25 PM EST
Cheryl said

AMEN brother G!

Hi Cheryl! Amen to the Amen..LOL. How's your universe spinning at the moment my friend? How's life over there in the Colorado? If you have any snow to spare for Christmas, send it now, ok? I have the feeling it's going to be a warm one here Christmas Day. Then again, perhaps I better keep the mouth shut before Mother Nature tries to teach me a lesson, huh? Have a good week...G


on Monday, December 6th, 2004 @ 09:36 PM EST
ange said

Folks didn't become gazillionaires overnight- many just charge their debts to high heaven in order to k eep up with the gift givin' thang! It's been bothering me badly also, G- how the season's changed so much. I refuse to let it go downhill with my boys. When asked what I wanted- I told them I wished for them to do something nice (physically) for an elderly neighbor or within the community. I will be phasing out the whole present ordeal starting next year- now that they no longer believe in st. nick. no joke.

Well stranger done blown in off the east wind! LOL. 'Sup Ange? That was a nice thing to tell the boys about what they could do for Christmas. Too bad the rest of the world don't think like that though. *sigh* Congrats on sticking to your guns and not giving in to the corporate greed machine, whatever happens, I hope you enjoy a splendid Christmas! have a good week also...G


on Monday, December 6th, 2004 @ 08:42 PM EST
Honey said

I don't know how it became so commercialized Greggy, but it is and has been for a while. I can remember as a kid hating to go to school after Christmas because I felt embarassed if I didn't get the "in" toy. Apparently peer pressure is in effect for adults also. And that being said, I still enjoy getting gifts, I just wish someone would get me a Lexus, LOL.

Hehehe Honey...yeah I remember the first day back at school after the Christmas holiday it was show and tell or in my case, pretend and lie!!! LOL. (just kidding) Hey I enjoy getting gifts too, by the way my shirt size is large, my waist size is 32, ok? And of course I have a preference for a Lexus also...Metallic Money Green if they have it in stock, Aqua Blue if they don't, ok?...LMAO! Have a good week...G


on Monday, December 6th, 2004 @ 07:18 PM EST
Donna said

Hey Greg you are so right! Where I work, it is a game to see who can get their kids the most expensive stuff for Christmas! My chillren will be blessed on Christmas, and I won't be in debt smilelets remember the reason for the season!!! luv ya hope to see you soon!!!

Hey Sis...It's amazing aint it? I have a friend here on my job who says she is going to buy her 6-yr old daughter a plasma TV for Christmas!!! A 6-yr old...geeeshhhh! Poor thing don't realize that she is setting the stage for a dangerous is she going to outdo that next year and the year after? Classic case of someone who has not a clue as to the meaning of Christmas. I'll see you soon, if the weather co-operates, ok? Love you...G