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After witnessing someone flinging several duhllar$ into a bucket marked "TSUNAMI RELIEF" that a pretty shady individual (least he was shady looking to me, aight?) was strutting around sticking in folk's faces during my lunch break, I have a very strong note of caution to all those folk out there who in a moment of feeling charitable and wanting to do something to help the victims of the disaster in Asia: Please make sure you KNOW and have confidence in the organization that is doing the collecting. As in any time of crisis human nature kicks in, both for good and bad. There already are reports of email donation scams and fake tsunami relief charities being fronted in malls and other public places. Just use your brain too as you use your heart in this time of compassion. It's one thing to fling money and resources every which way when something bad happens, but it sure would make a difference if everything that was donated and collected goes to those who needed it instead of the greedy low-lifes who take advantage of human tragedy.

And another thing I just wanted to articulate... how is it that in just a few days this calamity sparked literally billions of dollars and counting in relief efforts and an unprecedented international response while the tragedies of Rwanda and the Sudan, just to name a few spots have been and still are literally ignored by the rest of the world??? I mean it's a great thing the way everyone has opened up their purses and wallets and donated this and that and held charity drives and whatnots, but folk been literally decimated in Africa by famine, pestilence, genocide, and war there for years while the rest of the world sort of shrugged it's shoulders, or had other stuff to take care of, or couldn't afford it, or not strategically important to us, yadda yadda....just a thought knamean?

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on Thursday, January 6th, 2005 @ 11:09 PM EST
Hopluv said

I agree with you and everyone else. And again not to take away from the contributions being made from the US, what about all the devestated Americans. The poor homeless, helpless adults and children in this country. I've seen places in Mississippi, and Texas that look like a third world country! Can we provide aid on the homefront first?


on Wednesday, January 5th, 2005 @ 06:51 PM EST
Yolanda said

G, we may as well go Dr. Phil on them for all the attention they're going to pay to us with this one. America, how's that working for you? Sad, just plain sad.

lmao @ your "Dr. Phil" comment...It is heartening to see that at least people everywhere of all races cared enough this time to make a huge difference, but still....Africa is hurting, still suffering, still dying as it has been for years as the rest of the world seemingly figures it's someone else's problem, someone else's issue..."them" folk's problem, knamean?...G


on Wednesday, January 5th, 2005 @ 02:16 PM EST
Cheryl said

What's really maddening Greggy is that hardly anyone knows that Somalia is one of the AFRICAN nations devastated by this tsunami and they are STILL WAITING for relief efforts. In a word it really pisses me off! (Okay that was a few words.) And I totally agree with you that we need to be cognizant of scam artists. angry, grr

I noticed that Cheryl. Again the media focused only on the hardest hit countries at the expense of others who were decimated too. Another trend I noticed lately was the attempt by the media to find a miracle visiting tourist child or couple that survived against impossible odds so that they can make the next big block-buster know how America loves a tear jerker...*sigh* spite of starting the year off on a hard note here's still looking up for the rest of our voyage!...G


on Wednesday, January 5th, 2005 @ 11:20 AM EST
Tina said

Hi my sweet brother! Couldn't help but to respond on that note... I do agree with your comment on the tsunami versus the Sudanese people...yet my personal opinion is this... you can't help but to be touched by the plight of the tsunami victims considering that every waking moment is dedicated to showing the tradgedy that those people are experiencing... now ponder this... when was the last time you saw the carnage in the country of Africa on the same level? I believe people respond to the needs of others as they are given the opportunity to do so. Once again I believe the media plays a major role as to who gets help and who doesn't!!! It's not the people who are lacking in response, but the media in determining the value of one's unfortunate circumstances. Don't get me wrong...we should definitely help those who need help and I don't begrudge those who need assistance during the tsunami tradegy...let's just use wisdom when we are giving... trust only those who ARE reputable... I gave to World Vision because of the children and I trust my efforts will help someone. In the meantime we also give to and pray for ministries that help the people of the Sudan (Franklin Graham) Peace to you!

Hi Sis! I totally agree with you too, and in no way was I insinuating that the suffering from the tsunami is any less or greater than the plight in Africa, although the horrific genocide and slaughter of the innocents makes your brother shudder at the sheer magnitude of what happened...However, like you mentioned, of course the media plays as much as 85-90% of the way public opinion is formed...the way they reperesent their own viewpoint as factual news is shameful. I admire your heart sis, I want to be like you when I grow up! :o) Well, except for the height issue, k? *giggling* brother