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Entry: "Rambling on about Home"

After spending a blessed weekend with some of my family up in Pennsylvania, I've returned to Maryland with an even greater sense of appreciation and love for my family. Although we do not have the perfect family by far, we have a family that is not afraid to love and also not afraid to speak their minds, which is great, if you ask me. Human civilzation itself is based upon the premise that in spite of our various and diverse opinions on any subject we can't lose fact of the fact that we are still all human beings when it's all said and done. I do have to mention however that I personally have met a few individuals during my travels who made me suspect they were of another species entirely. :o)

Visiting with my sisters Donna and her family, Cindy and her family, my brother Frank and his family, my sister Tina and her family who traveled from Richmond, and also spending precious moments with my Mom sure went a long way to making this brother feel loved. I adore my family so much, although I hardly express that as much as I should. When I spend time with family who I haven't seen in awhile it brings back all the moments of yesteryear and all the experiences I shared with growing up with them, watching them grow, the laughs, the cries, the joys, and the tears...priceless!

My neice Shannon is ready to have her baby anyday (she's had 6 different due dates) and I pray that it is soon...I was afraid to hug her too hard for fear of inducing labor...(Love you girl!) I remember when she was just a little baby with the cutest she's a big baby with the prettiest face...*sigh*
My road trip up that way was simply one of the best trips I've made up the way for a good while, maybe thats because it's been so long since I've seen them. Seeing everyone especially the younguns (I love playing with my nephews and neices) and feeling the excitement of the pending arrival of another addition to our family made it all the more satisfying. At the same time...As I wrote earlier when I said I was going to take a trip home to Pennsylvania, now as I settle back down to my daily routine back "home" here in Baltimore, I guess I really can say... "There's No Place Like Home"


10 brothers and sisters helped me to understand.


on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005 @ 10:12 PM EST
chele said

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stand up and be a woman..
I told you not to get me started.


on Tuesday, April 26th, 2005 @ 06:43 AM EST
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on Friday, April 15th, 2005 @ 08:53 AM EST
Cheryl said make me look forward to our families annual reunion for my Grandmas' birthday in june. Every year we all get together and catch up and it's such a loving time.
Love your likeness avatar Greggy. You are so positively creative!
Have an awesome weekend... smile


on Friday, April 15th, 2005 @ 12:48 AM EST
chele said

ok ..
what is stipple.
m baaad! That was "art-speak". :o)
"Stipple" or "pointillism" is the effect achieved by "building" or drawing a picture using nothing but little tiny dots to make up or create the picture. It's very similar to the way they make newspapers, if you look very close at the graphics in a newspaper or magazine or even on your older T.V. screens, you will see the pictures are comprised of millions of tiny dots...greggy


on Thursday, April 14th, 2005 @ 05:47 PM EST
chele said

i just love your work.. its so nice..
Please come over and see my new house....
its not as good as yours but I am happy

Thank you Chele, that really meant a lot to me, thanks! I think your new house is just splendid my dear! As I mentioned to you, I love the stipple effect on the "PEACE", it reminded me of a stipple project I did eons ago that took eons to complete too! And you have a very nice color eye too....soothing, makes me want to sit back and chill....Hey, anytime you happy, then I'm happy too! Take care and have a great Friday!...greggy


on Wednesday, April 13th, 2005 @ 06:35 PM EST
Honey said

That sounds like a wonderful trip with precious memories. It's so good to see someone appreciating their family, even with all the sometimes maddening things that go along with it. I don't have a huge extended family and when I hear others taking what they have for granted, it just makes me sad. Anyway, didn't mean to write a mini story, just came by to say "HEY"!

Actually Honey, I think that comes from when I was a young kid growing up. Me and my sisters and brother were like glue...we stuck together through thick and thin, we went through a lot when we were kids. I'm determined to never take my family for granted, you only get one! The trip was splendid and I still kick myself for forgetting to take my digital camera! 'Least I got some memories...Enjoy your day also Sister...greggy


on Wednesday, April 13th, 2005 @ 03:54 PM EST
Don said

>>Although we do not have the perfect family by far<<

I don't even think there's such a thing. Ok, maybe the Brady Bunch, but hey, as we later found out, even they had some big problems (think the dad died of aids)

Glad you had such a great time, and the family is growing.

Wow Don...I didn't even know that about the Brady clan. But I have noticed how more and more families are letting hate and not love dictate thier decisions. Yep, homie had a blast visiting with family, I hope your Princess had a great birthday on her special day! Sketch ya later!...G


on Tuesday, April 12th, 2005 @ 12:09 PM EST
Frank said

What's happening man? You had the type of trip that I just had a few weeks ago. Although we dread the commute, once we get there, it does make it feel worthwhile. Not to mention the warmth of the visit still riding on you on your way back "home." Glad to hear that it was an enjoyable trip my friend. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Ya heard!! And the weather was fantastico to the max! As you mentioned though, going on them long drives may be a thing of the past if they don't get gas prices under control for sure! peace!...g


on Tuesday, April 12th, 2005 @ 12:17 AM EST
chele said

sounds like you had a great time.. how cool is that..
glad you are home safe..

Hi Chele! *waving*
I had a splendid time thank you! The coolest part was watching the delight on my Moms face when I delivered and set up her first computer of her own! She is having great fun now and now that means I can stay in even closer touch with her! That is just the coolest! The road trip went pretty smooove this time although because of some road construction I ended up taking a wrong exit and went out of my way about 75 miles before I realized..*bummer*, but I quickly recovered and was soon back on my merry way! I'm checking stuff before I head out the door for work, I'll flow through your world soon!...greggy


on Monday, April 11th, 2005 @ 11:15 PM EST
Sherri Berry said

smileGlad to hear you had a lovely time with your family! I spent time with some of my family & friends over the weekend and I had a blastwink We have to treasure times like these, because we do not know when the Lord is going to call our number! We must be ready for when he calls us (amen)Take care & stay blessed.

Hi Sherri! Yes I had a great time. The older I get, the more I appreciate and am thankful for my family, even when we all don't see eye to eye. I know some friends who absolutely despise to the point of sinful evilness other members of their families and I can see first hand the poison that introduces into your life once you let your heart harden. Glad you had a blast too, take care Sherri....greggy