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Saturday, January 31st


Again us "web" denizens must face yet another wave of "viruses", "worms" and other sorts of nasty "bugs" that have been unleashed against our computers and networks. Have you noticed how, coincidentially, we've even been under increased attacks in the "off-line" world as well from various new and unheard of viruses, infections, and nasty bugs too? Is this a sick world or what? I mean when I was growing up, when times were a lot simpler, when you got sick, either you had the sniffles, a cold, the flu, or 'nmonia and even then it wasn't nothing that a trip to the doctor couldn't handle. Nowadays there's all sorts of strange sounding diseases and afflictions just lurking in every crevice that will kill you quickly...AIDS, SARS, bird flu, mad cow, angry dog, penile dysfunction???, antibacterial this, anti-germ that, touch that you die, eat this you shrivel up, geeezzz!!!
And just to close this little spiel here...what is it with all these frickin computer worms viruses, spyware, adware, pop-ups and unders, makes a brutha long for the good ole days when surfin the web was fun and carefree...*sigh*
Now it's time for a brutha to catch a Z or 2 n dreamsville!

artist greggy on 01.31.04 @ 01:34 AM EST


Tuesday, January 27th

Just thinking...

Good Morning World, how are you? That's nice, blah blah blah blah...I have become convinced that the scientists have been confused again and meant to tell us that Global Freezing (not Global Warming) is what they meant. I know winter is winter but come on now...throw an occasional 40 degree'er my way maybe a britght sunny day here and there to keep me from going into permanent "hibernate" mode. I took off work yesterday because of extreme weather and health issues and now again this morning more of the same ole same ole. However, today I do really need to get in and it's freezing precipitation in all forms..fog, mist, rain, snow, sleet, everthing that can fall from the sky and freeze is whats going down now...and to think of all those insane drivers out there who I will soon be steering clear of out there...*shuddering*

Thinking of brighter things, can works of art change your moods? I was once told that one of my pieces of art always puts them in a sensual mood, which at the time seemed funny to me since the piece in question was in no way erotic or sex-related...hmmm. To each his/her own I guess. But it did leave me wondering if any of my artwork has ever had that capacity to actually change someone's mood after seeing it...not just change your thought, but your mood, your flow, put you in a better groove yanno? O wellski, now it's time to "weather the storm" out there.

Y'all B-good!

artist greggy on 01.27.04 @ 07:21 AM EST


Thursday, January 22nd


Unanticipated mindset breeding flavored dreams unbroken by tyrants attempts to enslave me and by powers who never sleep yet they have nothing better than teary-eyed salutes for fallen heroes being deceived by smiling liars who will never quite understand the fact that we are as one yet are different as two regardless of their inherited capacity for ignorance bred by broken men who never sleep yet they still attempt to enslave me and our people.

artist greggy on 01.22.04 @ 08:03 PM EST


Wednesday, January 21st

Dreaming again... dreams are getting crazier and crazier..ok, no laughing...The other night I dreamed that I was in this tall building in downtown Baltimore and as I looked out the window I saw an "invading" army approaching and they were burning stuff and killing folk as they came. I ran downstairs (for some reason no elevators in my dream) and when I got there I had to get up on some sort of platform and pass out SWORDS to people so they could fight the invaders and to me it seemed as if I must have passed out a million or so swords so they could fight...Anyway...the dream switched up and placed me at my house and the invaders were coming down my street killing and everything and I was (would you believe this..) LOOKING FOR MY CAR KEYS so I could get away...duh?...anyway.....soon after I woke I wasn't a crack baby for any of you smart alecks out there (wild giggling)..
ooo..I'm running late for work..I'm out!!!
artist greggy on 01.21.04 @ 07:42 AM EST


Monday, January 19th


This is the best time of day for it is almost 1:30 in the morning and I'm just now firing up the creative juices...most of the noise and distractions of the day are gone, and after a few power naps earlier, it's time to roll...this is when my flow is at it's most intense...early in the morning.
I'll see y'all sometime tomorrow in my Creative Corner. :o)
artist greggy on 01.19.04 @ 01:20 AM EST


Saturday, January 17th

Friends and the Internet...

Again I'd like to thank the faithful visitors to my world here for being the reason I sing. I really feel good whenever somone lets me know that a piece of art that I created moved them, it goes straight to the heart.
On another sidebar, a few recent conversations left me wondering...why do some people assume that just because you "meet" someone on the "internet" then that automatically attaches a certain stigma to the friendship? Like all of a sudden that other person on the other end of your internet connection isn't really human or most definitely can't possibly have good intentions? I can honestly say in my heart that some of the best friends I have ever had the pleasure of knowing have been people I've "met" or had a continual vibe or flow with on the net. They show me respect and love and I try to return it in same and I consider them almost as family in my book. Although I've never had the opportunity to meet any of my on-line friends in person yet, after flowing and vibing with them for some time now, I feel pretty confidant that none of them are axe-murderers, terrorists, or evil monsters. I'm sure as time goes on perhaps I will get a moment to see a few of my peeps in person. You can meet great friends and horrible people here on the net just the same as you can face to face on the street, it's all in where your mindset is. When people who don't use computers much or don't understand the technology associated with computers criticize you or automatically assume that someone that you've met on the internet is a crazy then what are they saying about you since you're on the other end of a computer too? Does that make you a crazy too by default? Bottom line is this...People are people regardless of WHERE you meet them. But I've always let a person's actions and not their words guide me in choosing friends. So with that, I'll leave my web family with a SHOUT-OUT!! To all of you!

p.s...Y'all wanna catch a flow? I did a lil sum' in my Creative Corner

artist greggy on 01.17.04 @ 12:23 PM EST


Thursday, January 15th


Mmmmm....goodness the smell of home baked cookies when they are still baking. My wife was downstairs baking some chocolate chip cookies, oh my goodness they were so on point for sure! Anyway now that I'm thinking of it, she really shouldn't be eating them things since she's got her diet thing down pat and working well too, looks like I need to get down there and "confiscate" the goodies in order to "help" her with her diet, knamean? (wild giggles) The sense of smell is one of the great wonders of the world if you ask me. It's wild how a certain smell can trigger a specific memory of a specific event or time whenever you catch a whiff of that smell. Or how smelling a particular perfume or cologne will bring a long forgotten friend back momentarily? Every now and then when dinner is cooking downstairs and I'm up here at my PC doing whatever and the scent of Cheryl's cooking wafts up through the takes me back to when I was a wild teenager and Mom was cooking up sum' terrible and I was runnin' home from the b-ball court, late for dinner, hungry than a mongron, ready to throw down, and runnin in the house and the smell of the gravy and chicken and biscuits and macaroni and greens and Lord have mercy who knows what else she had cooked up...mmmm. mmmm, mmmmm!
*whew*...sorry, see what I mean?
Now back to them chocolate chip cookies...*wiping crumbs from keyboard* I would offer y'all some but from reading most of your blogs, and what with me being such a caring and compassionate individual, it's apparent to me that these types of goodies would be detrimental to your diets also. Y'all be good...while I just do the right thing and help all my friends stay on track :o)
artist greggy on 01.15.04 @ 07:01 AM EST


Wednesday, January 14th

Happy Hump Day!

It's all downhill now! Mid-week always brings out the best in folk you notice? (well, except for Friday's) I'm running late as I don't know why for work but wanted to stop here and wish my peeps a "gravy" day! Check my groove, come on and get your Flow on!

artist greggy on 01.14.04 @ 07:31 AM EST


Monday, January 12th

Feeling good

I feel very good this morning for a Monday morning. Actually I am a morning person anyway and usually do not have any issues getting up on Monday to go to work. I have learned however that in order to facilitate my behind getting out of bed pronto when the alarm clock goes off, I have to put my alarm clock way across the room so that when it goes off I HAVE to get out of bed to turn it off. Once my tail is up, I'm good to go! (smile) The first thing I do when I get up is to head for the bathroom to take care of urgent bidness ASAP. Then I iron my clothes and prepare for work while the rest of my family stirs awake and putters around the house all then I am wide-awake and full of energy (most of the time)...When I used to smoke, (way, way, back in the day) I used to get up looking for a cigarette and cup of coffee to start my day..I am soooo glad that I kicked that habit!!...Ok, what is your routine in the morning? Do you have a certain ritual or routine that you follow faithfully every morning? Are you a morning or night person, too?
artist greggy on 01.12.04 @ 07:16 AM EST


Saturday, January 10th


Someone enlighten this brother if they have the 411....A few months ago I was told by someone who claimed to have "knowledgeable sources" that there was a labor reform law recently passed that eliminated OVERTIME PAY for individuals if their total annual salary exceeded $22,065. Of course I laughed in the brutha's face back then when he told me that...The other day however, I was reading that corporate rag, The Wall Street Journal during my lunch and ran across an article that mentioned something to that effect, which of course made the brutha's heart rate, perspiration flow, and bewilderment quotient spike sharply all at once.....unfortunately, the paper was not mine and shortly afterwards I had to return to the salt mines for my daily forced labor (grinzzz), so I forgot about it until a few moments ago....Has any of my esteemed web family heard such, anything at all about the guvmint taking away overtime pay??
artist greggy on 01.10.04 @ 05:02 PM EST


Tuesday, January 6th

Hitting the big Lotto...wouldn't that be nice?

Happy January 6th! It's not really a holiday or an anniversary of any type for me, nor does this day hold any special significance that I know I'm sure that today is a special day for someone, somewhere, for some reason it's just that I don't know that so if it is then Happy Today!!
Ok, now that I got the "mushies" out the way let's get a little flow going on before I drag my carcass out the door to begin the daily ratrace...I can see why poor folk be trying like a mon to hit the lotto..*sighing wistfully* On a serious note though, if you had bust the lottery for let's say at least 50 million or more like them big jackpots be getting do you think it would change you as a person? I know it will definitely change your position in life for the good or bad, but what about you as a person? I know most of us would probably go hog wild at first buying stuff just because we could but then after it starts to really set in....I think I could handle the loot though, wouldn't change me inside, maybe on the outside (clothes, appearance, etc..) but inside I'd still be lil ole humble Greggy, cause my character is already set. What about you? Would you let the loot change you?
artist greggy on 01.06.04 @ 07:32 AM EST


Sunday, January 4th

Life after football....

Oh well.......Now that my beloved Baltimore Ravens have been vanquished to the dustbin of teams who bit the dust early in the playoffs, I can get on with my life in a more normal fashion. Not until next year maybe will I have to endure local restuarants coloring everything in sight with purple..purple eggs, purple bread, purple this, purple that...even driving up at a light you never know what may be peering back at you from the car next door..purple faces...a ravens bird mask every now and then. Yeah it was fun while it lasted, now it's time to go start adjusting to life after football...*sigh*....Anywayzzzz, Good Luck to any of your teams who are still striving!

On a separate note, now that the weekend is winding down and we are about to face the first real week of the new year, I hope everyone involved in my life in any way, shape, or form has a splendid week coming up!

that way, I'm guaranteed to have a fantastic week, knamean? :o)

artist greggy on 01.04.04 @ 04:29 PM EST


Friday, January 2nd

Blam! Blam!


Feeling a burst of creativity make sure you check some of my newer stuff here and there, ok? I really don't have squish-squash to yak about tonight so...back to the drawing board for me!
ooooo, by the way...what's up with "Crocodile Man dangling his baby inches from a fricking hungry reptile???? Still waiting for Gloria Allred (lawyer who raged big-time against MJ when he was accused) and her shrill voice....yeah...

ok..sorry, no time for negativity up in here..y'all be cool..~1~

artist greggy on 01.02.04 @ 09:42 PM EST


Thursday, January 1st

I can't wait until tomorrow...

You ever have that feeling inside, that sense of being on the verge of something big, almost like you can't wait to finish what you're doing so you can move on...??? This is how I feel about my art. Most of the time I am just letting it flow, letting the vibes move me whatever whichever whyever, yanno? But even after I start a picture or am trying to wrap it up, I can't wait to get it finished because already in my mind I have found another thing...another diversion. Sometimes when I do my art it's almost as if I am being pushed from within to create that "masterpiece" out there that I'm sure all artists unconsciously pursue. I can't wait until tomorrow to start another flow. For me, art is critical, it is key to who I am...

Here we are in 2004 already! It seems like just a hot moment ago we were all frinkin out wondering if the world was going to come to a standstill in 2000, remember? LMAO! I remember when I was young how I thought the year 2000 was like the FUTURE! I mean, back then (before computers, DVD's, Palm Pilots, etc.) when we talked about the year 2000 it seemed so far away back then...*sigh*.....Now here we are literally blazing through this century already! All's I can say is this: Now is the time. Make this the year that you change not only yourself, but also the lives of others for the good. Get your priorities straight and where they need to be and live well!

Have a great day everyone!

artist greggy on 01.01.04 @ 12:36 PM EST


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