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Wednesday, January 26th

A music meme?

Ok...After being tasked by Cheryl to complete a music meme, I jumped at the chance to get my groove on...LOL. Here goes:

Random 10 songs that come to mind:
1. Flashlight - Parliament
2. Always & Forever - Heatwave
3. Brown Skin -India Arie
4. Daddy's All Gone - Average White Band
5. Somebody Already Broke My Heart - Sade
6. Superhero - Brian McKnight
7. Have You Seen Her?- The Chi-Lites
8. Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time?? - ?
9. I want to do Something Freaky to You- Parliament?
10. Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye

What is the total amount of music files on your computer? 7-most of my music stuff is off-line storage.

The last CD I bought was: can't even remember...I "borrow" CD's now ...LOL

What is the last song you listened to before this message? Sexual Healing

Write down five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you:

1. Always & Forever - Heatwave
2. Let's Get it On-Marvin Gaye
3. All songs by Sade
4. Just about anything by Brian McKnight
5. Shower Me with Your Love-Surface stirs up many a wonderful memory...don't it?


Artist Greggy on 01.26.05 @ 10:35 PM EST


Monday, January 24th

Monday Monday Monday...

Was it me or was my bed actually attempting to hold a brother down this morning? After enduring being mini-snowed in this weekend here in B-more and then also watching my beloved Steelers go down in inglorious defeat last night, I pretty much am at a blogloss for words...I also had an oportunity to watch my other team M. Vick & Co. crash and burn also, so I guess that's the way the football cookie will crumble this year...*sigh*
Go Philly!...only for McNabb though!

Artist Greggy on 01.24.05 @ 06:24 AM EST


Thursday, January 20th

What a waste...

I me a party poop, a stingy grinch, or whatever...but it seems so downright CRASS for the Prez to be throwing a $40 million inauguaration gala to celebrate getting elected again...and not just because of the tsunami disaster either...but altogether. I mean, what the frink do we need to be spending all those millions after anyone's election just to celebrate getting elected again? Not just Bush either, but the ones before and after his behind is long gone. It smacks of a coronation for sure, and that's reserved for King's and Queens, thank you.
Plus, we ( the citizens...meaning y'all and me, aight? I aint in this by myself!) must find a way to put an end to all this fiscal foolishness where these elected officials be spending the holy hell out of our tax dollars on all those pork barrel projects they be cooking up and rushing through in a flurry of laws and codes that we never even heard of. Stuff like $350,000 grants to scientists to study the nocturnal masturbation habits of Peruvian bats. Weird stuff...$12.5 million for a three year study to find out why blue plastic recycling bags never seem to catch on in the inner city....LOL. $1.8 million awarded to a major university for a five year study to film houseflies to determine if them rascals ever do get any sleep...LMAO huh? What? What?

Well you get the message, no? Basically...a working class brutha wanna know this...Why should we have to foot the bill for some huge party that we aint even invited to in the first place???

I'm tired as what...let me gone I'm out!

Artist Greggy on 01.20.05 @ 09:23 PM EST


Sunday, January 16th

A small moral confession...

Part of the process of healing and moving on from past mistakes is to talk about them. When I was much younger I was a completely different individual than the man I am today. While I was no career criminal by far, I did do some things when I was younger that makes me wish I could change things back or make things right with certain individuals I’ve hurt or harmed by my “lapses of good judgment” when I was a youngster. I’d like to take this moment to publicly acknowledge and clear my conscience of the following heinous act of moral turpitude performed long ago by a younger Bad Greggy:

Once I remember standing in line at a store somewhere a long time ago when I was in my late teens. There was a lady standing in front of me about to pay for her purchases. Apparently while she was in the process of preparing to pay, she dropped a $5 bill on the floor behind her and it landed at my feet. I did not even notice it at the time as I was apparently occupied with something else. She didn’t either since she still was in the process of gathering her goods together at the counter. After a few moments I happened to look down and spot a $5 bill at my feet and for some reason instead of stooping down to pick it up and inquire if anyone dropped some money, I decided to place my foot over it and then pick it up after the woman in front of me was finished with her purchase. I was secretly celebrating inside at my good fortune of finding some money. Then the lady in front of me began fumbling with her money as she was paying and looking around as if she had lost something. I was about to ask her if she dropped the $5 bill that I had clamped my foot over about 2 minutes previously when she managed to come up with enough money to pay for her purchase and left the store. As she left she was still looking around on the floor and for some reason I still could not work up the face to lift my frinking foot and reveal the $5 bill that I was standing on. Since I was the only customer left in the store by then I hurriedly stooped down to retrieve the money and left the store feeling horribly ashamed of myself. I mean it wasn’t like I was starving and that money was going to make or break me either…I still cannot explain to my spirit why I acted that way that day long ago, and as such I offer apologies heavenward. I do know that if I was ever to run across that woman again, without a word I would “arrange” for her to “find” what she lost 100 times over….It may not make it right by God but it sure would set my heart at ease on a personal level….

With that said and off my chest I’m ready to let that part of my past go from my conscience and wish all of you a very nice week ahead!

I feel better already!

Artist Greggy on 01.16.05 @ 01:14 PM EST


Tuesday, January 11th

Just musing

After several days of not really being able to find my blog vibe I think I'm just going to chill out for a few more days and do some art stuff. I'll be back in a few, y'all be good and have a great time. Meanwhile, here's a nice quote that I saw this morning that seems to hold so much relevance in today's world:

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.
- Helen Keller (1880-1968)

Artist Greggy on 01.11.05 @ 06:25 AM EST


Tuesday, January 4th

It figures...

After witnessing someone flinging several duhllar$ into a bucket marked "TSUNAMI RELIEF" that a pretty shady individual (least he was shady looking to me, aight?) was strutting around sticking in folk's faces during my lunch break, I have a very strong note of caution to all those folk out there who in a moment of feeling charitable and wanting to do something to help the victims of the disaster in Asia: Please make sure you KNOW and have confidence in the organization that is doing the collecting. As in any time of crisis human nature kicks in, both for good and bad. There already are reports of email donation scams and fake tsunami relief charities being fronted in malls and other public places. Just use your brain too as you use your heart in this time of compassion. It's one thing to fling money and resources every which way when something bad happens, but it sure would make a difference if everything that was donated and collected goes to those who needed it instead of the greedy low-lifes who take advantage of human tragedy.

And another thing I just wanted to articulate... how is it that in just a few days this calamity sparked literally billions of dollars and counting in relief efforts and an unprecedented international response while the tragedies of Rwanda and the Sudan, just to name a few spots have been and still are literally ignored by the rest of the world??? I mean it's a great thing the way everyone has opened up their purses and wallets and donated this and that and held charity drives and whatnots, but folk been literally decimated in Africa by famine, pestilence, genocide, and war there for years while the rest of the world sort of shrugged it's shoulders, or had other stuff to take care of, or couldn't afford it, or not strategically important to us, yadda yadda....just a thought knamean?
Artist Greggy on 01.04.05 @ 11:32 PM EST


Saturday, January 1st


On a side note...Last week or so I had several eerie dreams, kind of like that one dream that I talked about here on my blog several months ago. All of the dreams seemed to have "themes" that dealt with what I thought at the time was warfare spreading around the globe, because in my dreams there were soldiers and military type folk and vehicles everywhere in my dream, all over the earth it seemed, but they weren't shooting anything or blowing stuff up...At the time I thought that was odd...Now after watching the endless T.V. images of the countries hit by that disastrous tsunami in Asia, I just happened to notice how eerily similar the images of the soldiers and military vehicles delivering relief and aid packages to the stricken are to those images from my dreams several weeks ago...perhaps my dreams were hinting at even greater catastrophies ahead, all over the world? In any event, this one single event (the tsunami) will no doubt cause many folk to pay closer attention to their own mortality.

Happy New Years to all of you...let this be the year you get your Prosper on! Now that 2005 has arrived it is time to look forward to the possibilities ahead. I refuse to focus on the bad or fugly stuff that happened in the past year and instead will focus on all the wondrous possibilities ahead of me for the coming year. I also refuse to make any resolutions for I've discovered that all of the resoultions that I always make every New Years Eve are never taken seriously by me. Instead, I'm just going to do it. Whatever "it" may turn out to be, consider it done already, amen. For 2005 my friends, let us all take note of how insane it is to be fighting each other over the silly issues we fight each other over...Pay closer attention to the real issues we as human beings should be dealing with and let us quit letting losers dictate our destiny. Be a winner this year, be yourself!
Artist Greggy on 01.01.05 @ 09:33 AM EST


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