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Saturday, January 21st

Cherish the Day

One of the things that puzzles me is how several people that I have talked to recently mentioned to me that they can't understand why I am so cheerful and full of joyful laughter after the terrible tragedy that I suffered back in July. What I can't understand is how they would even find it so amazing or unlikely that I would be in such a state of mind. Perhaps it is because they have no idea how strong a brother I am. Sure I still have my days and moments when I return to that time to grieve again, when I sit and think of what I had and what I lost, but I do not let it rule my mind or my thoughts. Even though at times I realize that I lost an immeasurable treasure when my wife was taken from me so suddenly, I also understand that God has brought me through this with an even stronger sense of purpose and direction than I ever possessed before. I am on a joyful mission to finish what God has for me in this life. Before my accident I used to fear the unknown, I used to not want to discuss the finality of death and what happens when you die. Too unpleasant, too spooky to talk about is what I used to say back then.

Let me share something with you if I may so I can perhaps shed a little light on to why I feel the way that I do about being alive or dead...Immediately after my accident the firefighters and paramedics had extracted me from the mangled wreckage of my car and laid me on the sidewalk in front of my daughter who herself was injured, a multitude of gawking spectators and passing motorists and were feverishly working on me...You see, in addition to the other extensive and quite serious injuries I had suffered, my heart had stopped beating on the first of several occasions and they were desperately trying to revive me before attempting to transport me to the emergency room. Although I was not conscious during that time and completely unawares of all that was going on around me then, it is now that I can fully appreciate the gift of being alive, for indeed it is a gift to us all. Too often we take our very lives for granted, acting and living out our lives as if it's all about us... as if tomorrow is guaranteed to be here when we drop off to sleep. I know better now. A good while ago I used to take my life and the circumstances that made up my life for granted to a certain degree. Although I wasn’t wealthy I wasn’t poor either and led a somewhat comfortable existence without having to worry about whether or not I would have something to eat the next day or whether or not I had a roof over my head or even a steady job. I had fallen victim to the “here today, here tomorrow” syndrome that most of us fall victim to without even realizing it. Meaning too many of us act as if we are indeed going to live forever, sort of like since I am here today therefore no doubt I will be here tomorrow, a sure thing not to be denied. It is not too often that most of us will stop as we go about our daily lives to ponder what comes next in the event the “unthinkable” should befall us or one of our loved ones. No I’m not trying to lecture or preach to you all but just wanted to remind my dearest friends that life is too short to virtually ignore our very own destiny. Take stock in the person who you are today and think about if that person is the person who you were meant to be. We are all here on earth to fulfill a divine purpose, to grow into the complete mortal beings that God intended before we take the next step in the journey of our souls. Don’t let life catch you unprepared for what comes next…you know what you need to do to attain completeness for your spirit. Don’t say “Oh I’ll worry about that tomorrow or another day”. My accident and subsequent brush with death brought it all home for me and made me realize how precious my own existence is while at the same time it put everything in focus for me. Today I celebrate life and what being alive means to me. I thank God everyday for just being able to write this, for being able to breathe unimpaired, for being able to walk without pain, for having a logical working mind and memory, for not being bitter or angry over what happened to me, indeed even for being able to count all of you as friends in my life. Take an honest look at yourself and your circumstances today and make any corrections that need to be made…do it for yourself if no one else. The way I see it, today is just one more joyful day for me as I continue on my journey and get ready for what He has prepared for me. And remember as I do now everyday…you are loved unconditionally!

Artist Greggy on 01.21.06 @ 05:40 PM EST


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