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Sunday, February 29th

Ahhh...a good day

Today is going to be a great day. After having one of those deep let it all go sleeps last night, I woke up this morning feeling great! I feel as if a tremendous burden has been lifted from my conscience for some reason. Not that I was worrying or stressing over anything, perhaps I was unconsciously and didn't even realize it. Everything seems brighter and more manageable to me today. Today will be a great day. I plan on catching up with some friends and family who I've neglected for some time now. I had a dream last night that made me bring certain things in my life into sharper focus, things I need to do or not do. It's amazing how sometimes the answer's to life's questions can be often found in our dreams if we pay attention. I hope today brings good things to those who deserve it and for those who do not deserve it, then I hope they get what they do deserve :o)
artist greggy on 02.29.04 @ 09:01 AM EST


Wednesday, February 25th


Here it is close to the midnite hour here in B-more, as far as I can tell, not much is going on here tonight. That's probably more than likely because I've been sitting here in front of my PC for a few hours trying to get a flow going and coming up empty. Actually I wasn't trying, in fact I was napping and drifting off everey few moments, but when I was "awake", I was being receptive to any vibes that might have alighted upon my conscience...looks like it's a void tonight. Now it's time to turn my thoughts toward the Joy of Sleeping. I love that feeling of being very sleepy to the point of catching your head snapping back and forth and then finally making your way to bed...ahhhh the bliss of sinking your head into a nice warm pillow and drifting away....Sleeping for me is very theurapuetic, aint nothing like a nice power nap when it's done right. As for right now the time for power napping is long past and now it's time to crash until the morn. Remember my is all about love when it''s all said and done! G-nite!!
artist greggy on 02.25.04 @ 11:56 PM EST


Sunday, February 22nd

To vote or not to vote...

Hmmm...Help me out here my peoples....
The other day I got into a rather "heated" discussion with a co-worker concerning the right to vote and whether or not the act of not voting was in itself an unforgivable evil. Any input on the subject from you guys would be most appreciated. Let me define the two opposing points of view if I may:
co-worker's point of view:
"Everyone should vote regardless of whether or not they like a candidate because our people died trying to vote, they lost their lives attempting to exercise their right to vote and besides, if you don't vote then you have no right to complain about anyone in office or participate in the freedoms other citizens enjoy."

my point of view:
" I do not believe that the act of not voting is a greater evil in itself. I myself can not vote for a person if I do not agree with their principles or their platform. I know my forefathers died trying to vote, but for me it would be unthinkable to cast a vote for someone for the mere sake of saying I voted. Or to vote for someone because they are the lesser of two evils. I think by not voting for somone who does not move me sends a far more powerful and meaningful signal from me that I do not accept the staus quo. Sure if I do not vote then I shouldn't complain about who's in office and I don't. But at least my conscience will remain free that I didn't help to elect a complete fool. Now of course I urge everyone to vote if you believe the person you are voting for can improve your lot in life, etc., but don't vote just for the sake of it. If you do vote, then vote intelligently and not as part of some mass hysteria...and if you don't vote by lieu of not being moved by the hype, then hold your head up and be proud that you still make a difference.

Now what's your spin on this issue? What is more important to you? To vote for the sake of voting regardless of whether you believe in somone or to not vote if necessary if neither candidate is moving your heart?


artist greggy on 02.22.04 @ 09:44 AM EST


Tuesday, February 17th

Returning to the scene.....

Hello my peoples...again I settle in for another creative journey, another artistic flow. Actually, i didn't really change much of my previous layout, basically just a new flavor this time around, just a lil sum' to let me chill again...I pray this year brings exciting and positive things for all my web family and their loved ones. Again, I thank all of my friends who took the time to check on a brutha every now and then and who continue to share a vibe on the weekly...this flows for you :o)

artist greggy on 02.17.04 @ 07:15 AM EST


Sunday, February 1st

Now is the Time to chill...

I think now is a good time for me to take a lil
creative chill break here for a few "moments".

I'm taking a "creative vacation" here for a bit of time while I refresh my flow.
Take care and be Blessed!

artist greggy on 02.01.04 @ 08:14 PM EST


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