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Wednesday, February 1st


A few days ago I received word from my realtor that I finally have a settlement day for my new house! I settle on next Thursday the 9th and shortly after that I will begin the process of transitioning from my current house to my new house! Now that I have a firm date to deal with instead of just estimating when it was all going to transpire enables me to focus and visualize with clarity the things that I need to do before I move. Of course I had already started buying the furniture and what-nots for my new house but without having a settlement date to deal with I had to let the delivery people know that I would call them later once I have a firm moving date and now I have one. Actually I am going to move over a period of weeks beginning next weekend and culminating probably around the last week of February. By the end of February and the first week of March I should be all moved in and starting the extended task of unpacking boxes and configuring my new home. Next weekend I will start moving smaller boxes and other smaller items just to start the process. Since I am not taking any of my current furniture or appliances with me most of the things that I will be moving will be packed boxes and smaller personal things such as clothing, computers, T.V.'s, and knick knacks, etc...My next immediate task is to see if I can get all the vendors who are delivering the furniture to schedule all the deliveries in the same week so that I can take a week or so off from work and have everything coordinated for the same week. I've decided to keep my current house for at least another month or so before I sell it to enable me time to smoothly transition into my new one. Of course the next few weeks will be off the hook for me but I will keep an update on my progress, ok?

In closing allow me to publicly express my thankfulness and gratitude to God for blessing me with this opportunity and ability to move into a new house and continue on my journey. Everything I am and will become I owe to Him and His grace. Always with love and respect and until the next time my friends!

Artist Greggy on 02.01.06 @ 12:38 PM EST


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