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Tuesday, March 30th

My favorite rant...

Why does driving have to be such a miserable chore? I remember when I was younger and more carefree driving was such a pleasure. I couldn't wait to get off work so I could go get hooked up and roll out somewhere cruizin in my beloved '74 Dodge Charger (400 cubic inch engine, big back in the day, thank you). Back then when you drove, everything seemed so different, people seemed so polite to the point it was embarrasing. I mean they would actually blow their horns at let you know it was OK to do whatever numbskull move you were about to do as a rookie driver then...LMAO. Even the other rookie drivers were at least driving slowly, carefully and studiously trying to prove to the world that they knew what the heck they were doing out there, meanwhile inside they were skurrred than a mofo. Now-a-days? P-L-E-A-S-E! People now-a-days drive as if its straight up personal, like if they don't get in front of you or go faster than you then the world will explode or sum', yanno? I love driving, when I'm on the highways, where I tend to let it all flow (but in a safe way, of course), where as I absolutely positively hate driving in the city or anywhere where folk are supposed to use stop signals, stop signs, road markings, pedestrian crosswalks but are consistently ignored by everyone! People are just so hateful and downright cannibalistic when it comes to city driving, especially the pedestrians who seemingly leap off of curbs in front of you as you drive or dare you to hit them by walking extremely slow when they are crossing the street or close to your vehicle while it's still moving...aaarrrrghhh! However, I am beginning to really consider the possibility that the vast majority of drivers on the road today are driving without having the foggiest idea what road markings, road signs, or signals mean. Apparently folk think that you only needed to know that stuff ONLY to pass the test, but once you get the paper, then sheeeeet! FREESTYLE!!! I know I'm busting a laugh on it now but it really is some scary driving going on out there.
Be careful and Stay Blessed!

artist greggy on 03.30.04 @ 09:47 PM EST


Saturday, March 27th

Thinking of you...

Many of my "internet" family have been overtaken recently by real life issues that have in one way or another forced them to curtail their blogging and on-line time and focus on health, work and/or family issues. To those of you who have been or are still sick, or who have suffered recently, or are still suffering, I send vibes of positive energy and thoughts your way. I pray for all of my "family" to have a renewed sense of strength and direction in your lives and also pray that all of our loved ones share in good health and prosperity. Be good, live well, and stay Blessed!
artist greggy on 03.27.04 @ 08:12 PM EST


Wednesday, March 24th

Happy Wednesday!

Is it me or is time flying or what? I mean here it is coming up on April already! April! Which of course means summer is bout to bust a move. I love this time of year...well, not exactly love it since it's still a lil bit too nippy out there to my liking. I'm a summer brutha, can't take the cold...give me some heat anyday. Not too much though, gotta stay comfy yanno? If I had it my way, I'd have it right around 70 degrees in the morning when I get up, 75 degrees at lunchtime, and around 65 when I chill down in the evening. Here in B-more the climate is pretty aight most of the year...winters here are mild compared too a lot of locales, summers are the typical hot, not scorchers like Hotlanta or Dallas, but with some of our humidity it can still get nasty comfort-wise in the summer here sometimes, as I'm sure most cities get. How is the climate where you living? is it comfy? or is it dreadful?

Well my friends, I hope y'all like my new look here this month, I certainly had fun creating it! I hope everyone is doing well, yes?

Y'all be good and have a Blessed day!

artist greggy on 03.24.04 @ 12:24 AM EST


Saturday, March 20th

extreme daydreaming

chillin illin copping a flow on the downlow yanno? I was just sitting here letting my wander mind...(see what I mean?)..sitting here letting my mind wander, just letting it sift through the day's snippets of the bland, boring, unimportant, (you know, stuff that'll make you go zzzzz)when an occasional flash of brilliance and intelligence would jar me from my stupor and suddenly what had been unclear became clear, what had been unseen was now sawn..(that's greggy-speak, thank you), what had been hidden became...well, still hidden, but I was getting close! *Whew*...that is so much fun to just let loose with whatnot and whatevah! 'Nuff said, now..have you ever wondered what the limits are for your brain? I mean do you think your brain has a natural built in "brake" or "limit" that automatically prevents you from going off the deep end if you just let your mind wander without stopping it? Or do you have to make a sustained and conscious effort to keep from spinning off and losing control when doing some serious extreme daydreaming? This is what a brutha's brain wrestles with as his tired tail fights him tooth and nail instead of going to bed and getting it over with. What a viscious circle and ironic too: when I was a yourg kid, I fought sleep like there was no tomorrow, pretty much the same way for me now's almost like I'm afraid to get in the bed before midnight or sum' LOL.
I'll let my night close out with a shout to all those who stopped and flowed with me recently including Nina, Cheryl, Maximillia, Siana, Chandra, Carla, Gurl, Pear, J.O.Y. to name a apologies for not linking the names but a brutha is sleep-deprived and don't trust my mind to make good coding y'all anyway though!!
artist greggy on 03.20.04 @ 12:26 AM EST


Wednesday, March 17th

sign of the times?

Have you ever noticed how downright nasty more and more people are now in public, in plain view of everyone? Back in the day at least when folk had some "personal" bidness to handle while in a public way, such as fishing a wedgie loose, or trying to knock loose that annoying boogie, at least all that was done in a discreet sort of way with a well placed hand for cover or whatnot. But now, I be witnessing folk going for the Olympics in both directions (heathens, I say), while out with friends and family like it's nothing to it. Everything too, male and female, digging all up in their faces while driving, knowing dang well people be looking at them like OMG, or walking down the street adjusting their underclothes through their clothes. But the saddest thing that I have witnessed is folk using the mens facilities and not stopping to wash on the way out...what is that all about? I mean, how much more nastier can you get after that? And these are not just the lowly peons but also the big name corporate boys in the 3pcs. Makes me want to chase after them and embarass them in catching up to them in a line or something and saying loudly.."Excuse me..but you're a filthy, germ-infested, nasty rat, you didn't wash after handling your bidness back there!!!"

While, I guess it's time to mellow down with a lil old school to take me home, goodnight all. Remember, no matter what Thursday may bring, Friday is just around the corner!!!
artist greggy on 03.17.04 @ 11:23 PM EST


Tuesday, March 16th

Happy Tuesday

Hey gang! Happy Tuesday! Feeling pretty nifty this morning and wanted to leave a verb or two to my friends who stop by on the regular and stay in touch, you guys are mucho appreciated. With that said, everyone have a Blessed day and strive to do something good for yourself and your fellow man or woman today.
artist greggy on 03.16.04 @ 07:30 AM EST


Sunday, March 14th

When did you grow up?

I remember when I was growing up in Pennsylvania that I was a very inquisitive child and was always getting my butt in trouble. I had the mind of a scientist (still do) and was always trying to figure out how stuff worked or what it was made of. I also had a very over-active imagination and was constantly playing pranks at school and at home. Some of them "pranks" were funny and caused no harm, some weren't and in fact were downright criminal in nature. All in all you could probably safely say that I was a young thug back in the day before my life was put on the right track. I have often wondered at what point in my life I took the fork in the road that put me on the right track as far as respecting property, my elders, my teachers and overall settling in to become a "good" citizen. I think more than likely it was when I graduated from high school in Pennsylvania and very shortly afterwards moved to Baltimore, Maryland. It was such a culture shock for me that it forced me to grow up and mature and move into responsible adulthood out of necessity. It's kind of funny when I look back now, but where I grew up in Baden, Pennsylvania there were not that many black folk at the time, in fact we were just about the only black family in our elementary school, etc...Once I moved to Baltimore and began living and working around such a large mass of my peoples did my true transformation set in. That's when I began to become more aware of my role as a man. Circumstances dictated that I had to grow up then and mature. I dropped the clowning around for the most part, the attitude that life was a big joke and began surrounding myself with "good" people for the most part. I attribute my turn-a-round to the change in my environment from Pennsylvania to Maryland when I graduated school. Do you have a point in your life or an event that you can use as a reference point if someone asks you when do you feel you "grew up"? When did you realize you were a bona-fide adult with roles and responsibilities? Or are you still drifting, searching for your place?
artist greggy on 03.14.04 @ 10:50 AM EST


Thursday, March 11th


Why is it always the case that whenever you are driving, you see everybody and their grandmomma driving whack, making all sorts of illegal turns, running traffic lights and signs, I mean doing it to the max and never, ever, ever get spotted or stopped by 5-0??? The police be nowhere to be found, like they all got fired or sumí. But let your smart butt decide to go 3 frickin miles over the speed limit or forget to signal a turn or use the proper hand gesture and BAM!! 5-0 be on the spot pulling you over or trying to flag you down while killers and murderers whiz right on by whistling??? Huh? Why??

And on a separate note, even though I personally didn't have a feeling one way or another for Martha Stewart as a person, I still for the life of me can't understand why my guvmint spent millions to put on such a spectacle of a trial to prosecute her because she used a tip to save a lil' change (something like $55,000 give or take is what I'm told). My goodness, there have literally been an endless parade of big name corporate looters and other men who have done the exact same thing for $$$millions and ?????? They could have just pulled the dame up and fined her what she got over on plus 10% penalty and called it a day, instead of wasting my tax money like that by trying to make an example of her 'cause she a woman.

I'm out...~1~

artist greggy on 03.11.04 @ 07:12 AM EST


Tuesday, March 9th

mind on m.t.

Came here to change my blog up since it's been about a week...and the mind is running on eeeempty. Right now I'm plotting my day out in my mind, going over the things I have to do or prepare when I get to work, lay out a rough sketch of the who, what, when, and where other words, I'm already 2-3 hours into my day planning-wise in my head. First order of bizness after I get out the parking garage will be to seek out grub. Food must come before all other issues since I can't think if I'm hungry, yanno? After the grub has been grubbed then and only then can I turn my attention to work issues, such as who to choke up first for asking something straight up stupid, who to cuss out silently because they got rank, who to cuss out not silently for pissing me off first thing, and finally who to bring me back down to earth so I can focus on what I'm there for in the first place...(grins). Actually I love my job and the folk in my immediate workgroup, they be some awful cool peeps...but they folk from the great beyond, from the other corporate divisions, they seem like bona-fide aliens to me since they act like they are from another planet or something....Well, it's time to do my time, gotta go hit the salt mines for the daily grind, chow until later!
artist greggy on 03.09.04 @ 07:16 AM EST


Wednesday, March 3rd

good greggy, bad greggy

Have you ever been put in a situation where you have actually taken the mental steps necessary to begin formulating a thought process to choke the living daylights out of someone but pulled back at the last moment? In other words, being the normally laid back individuals that I know we all are (snicker),could you see yourself choking your boss or coach or co-worker if they got you mad enough? I mean, have you ever been that close but only the slim thread of reason held you back? All's I can say is that I've found myself in several situations recently that made me realize I am so fortunate "good Greggy" who sits on my left shoulder (since I'm left-handed) and uses logic is so much more stronger than "bad Greggy" who sits opposite and is always agitatating to choke someone up if things gets nasty....grinzzz.
artist greggy on 03.03.04 @ 10:48 PM EST


Monday, March 1st


monday monday stepping in monday bring it on aint nothing but a thang just another day another dollar throw it to the pigs and hear them hollar...????where that came from can only be explained as that void between rationality and sheer insanity...I can't help but notice in the media how the last year and now this year has been a constant parade of just athletes and moobie stars of "color" making the news but only in a negative way...hmmm...All of a sudden it's like black folk setting the bad guy standard or sum'?? They frinking ready to change the Constitution over an exposed black breast for crying out loud. As if nary a breast ever been seen on prime time before. A shame they want to make Janet an icon for indecency when the gawbage they idolize on prime-time already is so openly sexual now! Gives me indigestion and teaches a lesson it's almost like a confession this time they want it black like they scared we might shine so on a pedestal they place us and one by one they take us as the glow gets too bright and just when it seems 'bout right flash gotcha flash they said you did sum' flash your name was mentioned in a bad way flash mixed up in drugs or sum' flash done went off and smacked your wife or girlfriend flash drunked up and crashed the Maserati flash what happened to all the good folk????...where have all the people gone?...flash...sometimes I like falling off the ledge like that....flash
I'm out ~1~

artist greggy on 03.01.04 @ 12:27 AM EST


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