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Saturday, March 18th

yet again I rise...

I will have to post a more detailed update here soon...After being jacked around big time by Verizon for almost a month before they finally decided to let me know DSL wasn't available in my area, I've finally got the hook-up from Comcast and am able to get back online once again after a frustrating series of events dealing with Verizon. Must be the "network". HA!! No bad vibes to any of my web family who works for Verizon or has loved ones working there, but can I tell you a brother has lost any good will and positive vibes for that company? They easily will qualify for the Artist Greggy "Kick 'Em Swiftly to the Curb Award" and will take home the prize without the need for any further voting or debate...but let me avoid digressing into negative vibes and just let you know I am doing well and will do another more detailed post soon...

p.s...Thanks Gurl for your concern! hugzzz!
Artist Greggy on 03.18.06 @ 09:22 PM EST


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