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Tuesday, April 27th


As I've flowed around the 'net recently I've noticed all these lists of this and lists of that on everyone's pages and me being the lazy type and not wanting to go do it the right way, plus not really having yik-yak to yap about tonite, decided to just throw some utterly useless and boring drivel about me your way, thus...ten random and totally trivial bits of information that most of my internet family may or may not know about me, as if anyone really gave a (excuse me) LOL

1. I'm a leftie
2. my drink of choice: rum & coke
3. I'm about 6 ft tall, slim in build
4. "straight" as an arrow, no "curves" here
5. I've been on the 'net about 5 years now
6. love a good peanut butter jelly sammich
7. nice guy, easy to get along with
8. married 13 years and loving it
9. God-fearing, law-abiding, non-judgemental
10. I despise all things that are fake

There you have it, digest it and spit it out...then move on to deeper things...

p.s...Y'all have a funkalicious day!


artist greggy on 04.27.04 @ 11:43 PM EST


Wednesday, April 21st

Age of Taurus

Now that we have entered the Age of Taurus (Apr 20 to May 20) which co-incides nicely with the beginning of a new spring season everybody seems to be more upbeat than I've seen in a pretty long time. Amazing what a few days of great weather after a long winter of cold and rain will do to the human psyche. Even a few die-hard curb rats (ie: people whose ONLY purpose in life is to stand on corners and sell that evilness) allowed grins and nods in passing instead of the usual pitch...

For any of my peoples who had a birthday in April or are about to have one shortly, I wish continued Blessings as you mark yet another year on your journey through life. And for any May babies out there (me included..the 12th), I pray for peace, love, and prosperity in all our loved ones lives as well as our own.

Y'all be good
to yourself...and to each other.

artist greggy on 04.21.04 @ 07:14 AM EST


Monday, April 19th

Good Weather...

I'm thankful that we were blessed to have a whole weekend with nothing but gorgeous weather. Though thankful, I'd still say it's about time! It's been cold and raining so much here lately it was starting to feel more like Seattle than B-more! You never know with this B-more weather, it wouldn't surprise me if it snows this week sometime. I hope everyone had a chance to get out and about and enjoy everything. I know its not summer here yet but we sure got a good taste of it this weekend. Now that the weekend flavor is over, now it's back to the rat race at work...*sigh*...So what's been going down in your hectic corner of the known universe?
Still Chillin'

artist greggy on 04.19.04 @ 06:44 AM EST


Tuesday, April 13th

Them there tax dodgers...

First, on my return to the flow, a Thank You to all my family who asked about me. I am fine, just had to take a breather to deal with some health and personal issues. Much love and respect to all of you who stopped by and took the time to leave me a flow, I love you.

OK, I was reading in my favorite rag the other day about how most major American corporations avoid paying hardly any income tax at all to the guvmint. They set up all these fancy-pancy off-shore or international corporate subsidiaries that not only are multi-layered with various foreign contacts, but often are shielded from American tax laws, thus making them extremely hard to track or hold accountable so they can pay their fair share. All this stuff is just straight up #@%&*. First "they" (read:corporate robber barons) funnel all the jobs off-shore or to third world countries, then "they" hide the billions that they rake in from the cheap labor so "they" don't have to pay a nickel on it, all the while "they" claim to the American public that "they" going broke....crazy.

Get yours!! I hope everyone who is entitled to get something back from the guvmint come taxtime gets double of what they were expecting. And I also hope that everyone who wasn't expecting to get something back from Uncle Sam, gets a letter informing them of some kind of massive guvmint mistake and that Lo and Behold you'll be getting paid too!..hehehe, always good to end my posts on a wishful note, eh?

I'm out!

artist greggy on 04.13.04 @ 10:58 PM EST


Monday, April 5th

A time to reflect...

Hello world! Happy Monday... I've decided to disappear again for a hot moment from my site to take care of other issues going on in my part of the universe. Thanks again for taking a moment to stop past and feel free to leave me some mail or a note to let me know you stopped by if you can find a moment to, I appreciate you taking the time.

artist greggy on 04.05.04 @ 07:10 AM EST


Sunday, April 4th

It's coming...

I know that warm weather is coming our way here in Maryland, perhaps soon, and I can't wait. I am so sick of all this cold weather, everything all damp and sloppy, puts everyone else in a frinky mood and then they set out to ruin everyone else's day. This morning is wet and cold outside, plus it's windy as hell too, perfect weather for heading straight back to bed to search for that dream that got interrupted by the harsh reality of a bladder screaming to be set free. You know once you get up early in the morning to go do your urgent bidness or whatever it's damn near impossible to get back to sleep or to recover that dream that you were so blissfully enjoying. Unless of course you are one of those who sleep like a log and can fall back asleep easily even after getting up and walking around for a bit early in the morning. Actually this is good flowing weather for me, perfect for doing something creative in the studio. Plus, now that any activity outside is pretty much shot for today, I may as well get busy and flow some here where it's nice and warm.
Y'all be good and as always,
have a Blessed Day!

artist greggy on 04.04.04 @ 10:56 AM EST


Friday, April 2nd

Another confused liar...

What the *@#% is going on with that young college girl (A.ubr.ey)? who claimed she was "kidnapped" at knifepoint and even went as far as providing police investigators with a composite sketch of the suspect? According to T.V. reports I just heard, the police are saying she made the whole incident up and they even have a store surveilance videotape of the young lady buying duct tape, rope, and other items supposedly used by her "alleged" kidnapper while she was being held "captive". She has since admitted that she just wanted to be alone...WTF????? It really angers me when people do that, causing countless number of people to disrupt their lives and take off work or school looking for your dumb axe, guvmint spending thousands of my tax dollars, getting people all riled up and worried and you somewhere chilling out pretending, probably watching peeps on T.V. searching for you...Arrrrrrrrrrggghhh!!! Anyone who has ever lost a loved one or knows of someone who had through similar but TRUE circumstances must feel that same anger and disbelief that someone would fake such a thing...Why? Last report I heard was that the young lady was admitted to a "psychiatric facility" and was under observation...what is this world coming to??
artist greggy on 04.02.04 @ 11:07 PM EST


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