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Thursday, April 6th

Taking a pulse....

Hi! I am finally finding a brief moment to log on and say hi to my peoples! I have been so incredibly busy lately that it's pathetic in a way. Everything concerning the house is coming along just fine. Finally gotten all my cable issues and internet issues resolved. I've gotten all my furniture delivered, right now I am taking care of minor detail work...small things such as placing small statues and whatnots in my display cabinets and getting my garage to resemble a garage and not a staging area for the next world-wide conflict. I also am having my driveway enlarged a bit since the builder who built the house apparently did not think ahead of time about the fact that there is not enough room to back out of the garage and turn around. Right now if I pull into my garage front end first, when I leave I will have to back out of the garage all the way out of my driveway to the corner a quarter block away before I can turn around and go straight. That most definitely will be corrected shortly. Also in the next few weeks I am also having a deck installed along with a 6ft high PVC vinyl privacy fence along the property boundaries to allow a brother to have some privacy without the customary nosy neighbors (at least the older gentleman and his wife who live on my left side in back of me) when I decide to chill out in the yard, ya heard? One of the things I've noticed since I've moved from the city to the county is the abundance of wild critters that live in my back yard, including squirrels. Squirrels are cool with me as long as they don't get any ideas about trying to come into my crib. Bugs and their kind however are a different story. The other day when I was out clearing my yard in preparation for the fence people I noticed all types of demonic looking spiders and creepy crawly flying things looking startled at my presence...hmm, they must know that homie don't play that. I am totally against hurting Gods innocent creatures but giant spiders and large creeping flying insects that have the potential to do me bodily harm already have a death warrant signed if I see them. I have no problem doing a RAID or BLACK FLAG mission if one is necessary.

On the job front, one sentence can sum it all up in a nutshell:
"The powers-that-be must be trippin!"

Other than is good, God is great, and you my friends...are loved beyond belief!!! I'll check back in a hot moment and thank you to everyone who took the time to let a brother know I was thunked about! :o)
Artist Greggy on 04.06.06 @ 01:42 PM EST


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