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Sunday, May 30th

Why is it....?

Why is it that when some of the most indecent, foul-mouthed and downright ignint actors, musicians, and entertainers win awards, the first thing out their mouths on stage is "I'd like to give thanks to God for everything..."

Why is it that some people who frequent a lot of city carry-out joints, subshops, and convenience stores will curse out and try to intimidate the people serving them? Uh, the same folk who fix the food too, right?

Why is it that some idiots believe that everyone in a 10-block radius want's to hear how loud a parked car's or SUV's speakers can get no matter what time of day or night it is? Hell with the fact that YOU have to get up at 5 or 6...or got a sick granmomma trying to chill or 'sum..

Why is it that the guvmint is fervently passing law after law curtailing or downright prohibiting the sale and usage (smoking) of tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars...ok?) in every state of the union, yet it's not illegal to grow tobacco, it's not illegal to make cigarettes or cigars, and in fact the guvmint subsidizes the growing and production of said products????

Why is it that people don't seem to care about whether or not their own children are growing up with the right attitudes about respect for the fellow man and/or woman, respect for their own lives and bodies, or whether or not they have a solid moral foundation?

Why is it that we can find billions to build new schools and police stations and roads and every other thing in every other country in the universe where we go and kick up dirt and end up having the natives hating our guts, but our OWN children can't have funds for new textbooks or even basic and essential school supplies here in the good ole USA?

Why is it that I can hold my pee forever but the moment I make visual contact with a urinal, that window of opportunity immediatley shrinks to approximately 8 seconds?

Why is it that people are still hung up over Janet's breast?

I'm done asking why
y'all digest that and contemplate...

artist greggy on 05.30.04 @ 12:03 PM EST


Friday, May 28th

It's Friday...need I say more??

For some reason this Friday seemed like it took forever to get here. We are set for some pretty bootiful weather here in B-more for the holiday weekend, up until Monday when the bottom falls out and the rain and other assorted weather nasties fall back upon us. I really would like to go visit my Mom and sister Donna and the rest of the brood up near Pittsburgh, but with gas costing $2.04 here in the city, aint no telling what they stabbing you with out there on the hi-ways!
Well my friends, if any of you are traveling this weekend, my prayers for your safe arrival at all your destinations and for those of us who will just lay low and marinate this weekend (like me), Happy Chilln'! Y'all be good to yourselves....and to each other!
Stay safe, stay Blessed!

artist greggy on 05.28.04 @ 07:28 AM EST


Wednesday, May 26th

Brother can you spare some change?

Whatever happened to that? I remember back in the day when I was stopped on the street by folk bumming for change they used to ask for a quarter or some loose change...recently I've noticed a steady trend toward asking for either specific amounts or whole dollars instead of the loose quarter anymore. I guess even the bums have been hit by inflation and the cost of living. Once a few summers ago I was stopped on the street by a young lady with 2 kids in tow who said rather snottily, "Mister, we hungry, can you spare some money to help me feed my babies?". Me being the kind-hearted soul I am said "Sure dear, let me go into the Burger King, (which I just happened to be walking past at the moment) and get you and your family something to eat, ok?" Her kids immediately brightened up and I felt reasonably good that I was able to help at least one person and her kids with this tiny gesture. When I came out of the Burger King and handed her the bags and sodas with the food inside, the young lady looked at me with a frown on her face and said, "excuse me but I don't eat cheeseburgers, could you get me something else?" Needless to say, "Bad Greggy" immediately lept to his spot on my shoulder and started whispering evil things in my ear, but thankfully "Good Greggy" hushed the fool up and I was able to get past that moment without losing my composure....At least I know her kids appreciated my gesture as they were already munching big-time without a care in the world. Just goes to show you that some folk still can't understand to appreciate what little you do have rather than reaching for more than you're entitled to.
Y'all have a delightful Wednesday!

artist greggy on 05.26.04 @ 07:27 AM EST


Monday, May 24th

Monday Monday

Mondays....what is it about Monday's that makes most folk lose their frinking minds? I've noticed that Monday's bring out the worst in people. Most folk on the elevator at work are sullen and silent on Mondays as compared to Friday's when even the crabbiest folk crack smiles and jokes about getting off for the weekend. Usually I call folk out and force them to speak when I get on an elevator and speak and get nothing back. I hate getting on an elevator and saying "Good Morning" etc. and getting nothing but blank stares and silence back...Oh no they didn't just ignore me!!! Ususally I turn around and say it a little louder which of course forces them to open their mouths and say something or crack a fake smile back...It's my way of forcing them to drop the BS and quit trying to act like a non-human...LOL. And driving on Mondays??? Pleeeaaaseeee...Hmmppft! Don't get a brutha started...Anywho, y'all have a splendid start to the week and are never alone...ever.
artist greggy on 05.24.04 @ 06:50 AM EST


Friday, May 21st


Happy Friday!!! How cool is that??
Just idly letting my brain waves settle on just about anything that crosses my mind...When will the automakers wake the frink up and design either more fuel efficient cars or cars that are powered by "alternative" technologies??? How long do we (the American public) have to be slaves to a foreign oil supply? I'm not saying we should pull all the plugs and go drill-happy up in Alaska full speed ahead, but certainly there has got to be a better way, no? Why can't our scientist's and resident brainiacs develop reliable and hopefully cheaper sources of fuel for us? Plus, at what point will everyone realize that there will soon be way too many cars on the road?
The prevailing attitude for everyone involved seems to be:

the Automakers: "We'll just keep cranking cars out by the tens of millions per year until there are more cars in the world than people, they'll buy 'em."

the Autobuyer: "I want another new car, to hell with the fact that gas is soon to be $3-4 a gallon and it takes me 2 hours to drive anywhere because there are approximately 23 million other cars competing for the same tiny stretch of roadway that my car occupies."

the Motorist buying gas: "%@#*&%"!!!!

the Fat Cat Executives at the big oil companies: "How cool is this guys?"

I just don't understand how we can put frinking robots on the surface of Mars, we can decipher the genetic code that makes us human, we can invent new drugs with bizarre names to "cure" conditions that didn't even exist a few years ago...but we still are dependent on foreign oil like we have been since we started using the stuff, making us forever hostage to the whims of a foreign guvmint...or in this case, the whole region where we get our oil from...can't someone invent a "fuel pill" that you pop into your "gas tank" and it lasts for like a couple of weeks and costs maybe $10-15 bucks a pop? I can deal with that...yeah, I can deal with that nicely, yes?...
DANG TIME FLIES WHEN YOUR VENTING...time to roll with the flow and head to work, y'all be good!
artist greggy on 05.21.04 @ 07:13 AM EST


Wednesday, May 19th

Hump day alert...

Hmmm...remember a few weeks back I blogged about them CICADAS coming? well it looks like it's about time for them to do their dance.
On another note, finally after an "extended" absence from the 'net scene, my good friend and very artistically inclined herself, Art4Soul is doing a 'lil 'sum 'sum at her spot, check the young lady out when you get a moment. Last I heard she was still tweaking the joint, but you can still stop by and scream at her for a sec or two, give the girl some love and let her know her skillz are still on point! The server at PIXELFX was acting silly so she hasn't been able to update her blog yet, but she does have a working tagboard, cool?
Well, not much time for me to flow this morning as I'm trying to get out the door for work, so I'll leave all my peoples with this thought..."WE are loved."
Have a great day!

artist greggy on 05.19.04 @ 07:21 AM EST


Saturday, May 15th

why ask why...

Why is it that some folk, heck I mean a lot of folk believe...

that trash that is thrown in the street, candy wrappers, newspapers, soda bottles, anything that has used it's purpose and is now discarded will magically disappear or be blown away by the wind to some great garbage dump in the sky or something?

that for most part from some females p.o.v. being a man automatically makes you a sex-crazed mindless aminal and from some males p.o.v. being a woman automatically bestows stank slut beyatch status upon them?

that as long as someone getting paid it don't make no difference what kind of "work" they do or whose life they ruin to get there?

that there is nothing wrong with daily lotteries or instant scratch-off tickets but will quote the Bible to stand against ***** or *******?

and finally my brothers and sisters...
why is it that some folk, heck I mean a lot of folk believe...

that when they are walking and come to a crosswalk and the little light on the opposite side is flashing green or whatever and says WALK, why is it that they just prance off the curb without looking to see if some moron driver can't read or understand what the heck a flashing WALK sign means???? Just step off the curb without looking ASSuming everyone is Mister Alert & Polite Driver or 'sum....

*whew* where'd that come from?...hehehe
Y'all B good

artist greggy on 05.15.04 @ 01:06 PM EST


Thursday, May 13th

Thanks guys!!

Thank you to all of my web family who stopped by over the last few days with b-day wishes for me! You guys are most definitely the best of the best, better than all the rest! I had a grand time all day long even though I went to work instead of taking the day off like I usually do. The folks on the 4th floor where I work tricked me into coming downstairs early yesterday morning under the guise of screwing a job up and when I got downstairs and went to see Jennifer (the young lady who called me to say I messed up something)to see what was wrong they were all gathered in the back with a b-day cake and sang me "Happy Birthday"! Jennifer, you got me good is all I can say! Needless to say I was very surprised, I don't know why I didn't catch on to what she was doing until after I went downstairs. I really like the folk I work with, they be some mighty cool peeps! Then later in the day a friend threw me a 'sketti dinner, so all in all I had a splendid time on my b-day! Again, thank you Mocha, Missy, Ang, j.o.y., Carla, Donna, Toya, Cheryl, Nina, Sherri, and Steph for stopping and helping to make my b-day special! All of you are loved big time in my book!
Y'all have a beautilicious day!

artist greggy on 05.13.04 @ 07:08 AM EST


Wednesday, May 12th

It's my Birthday!

Yeah, that's right...a shameless plug to celebrate my birthday! Now that I'm all grown up and mature I don't get blasted and wasted like I used to do for my birthday back in the day. I remember when I was younger we couldn't wait until our birthday's rolled around so we could go get frunked up big time! Now-a-days since my life priorities have been re-adjusted now that I have a steady job, a good family, and good friends in my life, I no longer feel the need to go out and get tord-up or super wasted just to celebrate my day. But I do plan on having a super-duper good time in any event! So with that said, let me go get my b-day groove on, I'll yell at y'all latah!!
back in the day a haircut was something that quite frankly scared the crap out of me

'least that's the way I saw it back then...

artist greggy on 05.12.04 @ 07:16 AM EST


Saturday, May 8th

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and Blessed Mother's Day. Even if you are not a mother you can still enjoy the day by acknowledging the general appreciation that comes with the day. Mother's Day should be celebrated by all women who either are a mother now or have acted in the capacity as a mother to someone. Being a mother goes far beyond just giving birth, being a mother carries with it the massive responsibility of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders in a nutshell. Words can not describe the appreciation I have for all mothers everywhere, regardless of whether you are a birth momma or a mommy by your actions...much love and respect!!! Enjoy your day, have fun, and stay safe!
I love my Mommie!!

artist greggy on 05.08.04 @ 08:25 PM EST


Wednesday, May 5th

The bugs are coming...

As many of my web family already knows, or will know soon, the Eastern and Mid-Atlantic state region is about to be swarmed any day now by billions of fugly red-eyed , winged creatures who are about to come out the ground and head for the nearest vertical object with basically two things in and sex...LMAO. Seriously though, these clumsy flying critters are 17 year Brood X cicadas who miracously or fiendishly, depending on how you view these bugs, come out of the ground every 17 years, head for the nearest tree to suck some tree juice, molts it's outer shell, get's it's wing action together and basically just starts pimping the female bugs while making some noise...*basically anyway, ok?* LOL...Anywhoo, the good thing is they don't bite, sting, or attack, but they do make an incredible noise when they get together and they like flying into things...such as your face, etc....they moving in for approximately six weeks starting any day now and when they die they litter the ground with crunchy shells and wings and stink big time, I heard...oh well may as well learn something from all of this, eh? You tell me...

artist greggy on 05.05.04 @ 07:12 AM EST


Monday, May 3rd

Hey now!!!

Happy May e'erbody!!! This is one of my favorite months since this is the month when everything here turns green again outside, everything seems on the verge of rebirth and renewal. We just another lovely weekend although it was tempered somewhat by a few thunderstorms and heavy wind gusts later Sunday. I heard that some of my peoples down the way in the ATL and localities further south and southwest had some significant rain and ick-weather issues most of the weekend, hope the whole weekend wasn't a washout. I sure hope they get the gasoline prices in check before the summer starts blazing...I'd hate to do my annual road-trips to see family while gas is over 2$ a gallon...*shuddering*...right now, around my way gas is flowing around $1.79 - $1.85 per gallon for regular, how much is gas setting you back for where you vibe from?
Change the world today
don't let it change you!

artist greggy on 05.03.04 @ 07:30 AM EST



greymatter hiccup

greymatter acting funky again...
artist greggy on 05.03.04 @ 07:27 AM EST


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