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Friday, May 12th

Can I tell you something again?

Hi Fambily!
I know Iím guilty of not staying in touch as much as I would have liked but shortly things should start to settle down which should allow me more time to cruise the Ďnet and do occasional drive-bys on my peoples sites. Everything has been going quite well for me as far as the things that I was having done with my house. Now that the weather finally was in a cooperating mood Iíve planted several flowering bushes in front of my studio windows and a few small decorative trees along the sides of the house. The new fence I talked about in my last post has been completed and looks lovely, the driveway has been enlarged also. Now I can turn around in my driveway after backing out of the garage without having to back all the way down to the corner. Yesterday they finished the deck that was being installed and that also looks lovely. All they have to do now is come back one day next week to install the power awning overhead and that will basically wrap up the exterior improvements that I was having done this spring. Now I can turn my attention to getting my art studio stocked and configured so I can get back into my art. Today May the 12th is my birthday and of course I am so thankful to be able to celebrate another year. I hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day weekend and even if you are not a Mother have a great time regardless.

Many thanks to my entire web family for being such a necessary and important part of my life. And a very extra special heart thanks to Noelle for being a special friend to me and also to Sherri Berry for not only the wonderful B-day greeting you sent but for also being such a positive influence for me and helping to keep me focused. All of you are so much appreciated, I can only hope and pray that one day I am able to show all of you just how much you mean to me. Until the next vibe, take care, have fun and live life with a joyous heart!

Artist Greggy on 05.12.06 @ 12:47 PM EST


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