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Sunday, June 27th


artist greggy on 06.27.04 @ 09:48 AM EST


Sunday, June 13th


Why is it that my computer would pick Saturday morning as soon as I log on to decide that it doesn't recognize me? I mean here I am fresh outta bed, all rough-looking, still got eye-boogies in my eye and this foo computer wants to play games? My first reaction in my mind was.."*&%#@*..A frickin virus or worm, or trojan, or spybot, or script, or...", feel me? My illogical mind (bad Greggy) immediately went into full stage panic mode and did the old 3 key salute (cntrl, alt, del) and rebooted...of course all was in vain...Then my logical mind (good Greggy) remembered something..
Seeing as how I had just installed my new COREL12 Graphics Suite just the night before it was only logical that instead of a virus, perhaps there was some sort of configuration error in my start-up routine since the PC kept locking as soon as it got to my desktop after I logged on but before the programs had a chance to load. I finally narrowed it down to to this scenario: my anti-virus program was freezing up and locking the PC right at the desktop. After a whole day of trying to get to the screen where I could get to task manager to stop my anti-virus program from loading I succeeded late last night in regaining control and uninstalling then re-installing both my anti-vrius program and the COREL12 Graphics Suite again...As of right now I'm good to go again!

Now it's time to play with my new toy!! Plus, I'm on vacation too for a whole week!! Is that just the coolest news or what? I'm going to chill big-time this week coming...I hope to at least..LOL
artist greggy on 06.13.04 @ 10:18 AM EST


Wednesday, June 9th

Feeling thankful....

This is probably going to be my shortest blog yet but by no means is it the least important to me. I just wanted to take a brief moment to say Thank You again to all my web family for being a part of my universe. Every one of you help to complete me by allowing me to see life through your eyes. So, without getting too mushy-mushy, I just wanted to extend a boxful of kisses, hugzzz and handshakes where necessary to all my fambily! Love y'all!

Again a brutha is chasing that frickin clock!

artist greggy on 06.09.04 @ 07:26 AM EST


Monday, June 7th

Just in case...

After viewing Art4Soul's Blog I decided it would be a good idea for me to configure another blog for myself HERE to have handy just in case my current GREYMATTER blog takes another hike again soon like it did on me a few times already. Right now I'm in the process of tweaking and playing around over there, and since it's hosted on their server it displays a Google/Yahoo ad at the top of the page but it looks kind of snazzy, huh? Once I get the comments thingy fixed then I'll prolly move it to my site and host if from my spot instead of theirs, thus I won't have the silly ad at the top after that. I tweaked the ish outta the coding there and in the process I frinked up my comments section so for some reason my comments don't show there. (I'm waiting on that "1-800-support email" that I usually wind up having to send out for....*sigh*
Actually that's OK since my main blog will still be here where I expect to flow with y'all anyway, I just wanted to let you guys see what a brutha's been fiddling around with. Got to be proactive my dears, not reactive.
Be good!

artist greggy on 06.07.04 @ 09:22 PM EST


Thursday, June 3rd

Randomness again...

Again my peoples I have sat down to blog what I thought was going to be a pretty long and serious blog about something I heard on the local news that touched a nerve but when I sat down my writing mind decided to take a short vacation basically... thus I feel compelled to torture you again with

Ten Random and Utterly Useless bits of Drivel about me:

1...I hate broccoli and sincerely believe it was created to poison us when we were kids

2...I am left-handed when I use a brush, pencil or pen to draw, but right-handed doing the same things with a computer mouse

3...In my opinion nobody in the known universe makes a better 7-Up pound cake than my wife, Cheryl

4...I don't like Chinese food, seafood fettucini, bacon, steamed shrimp or crabs in the shell but love crabcakes, fried shrimp, cereal, and plain white rice

5...Me and most cats don't seem to see eye to eye...nothing personal, but they be staring at me all funny like...

6...I've only been on an airplane once in my was OK, but this brutha would rather keep his arse on terra firma

7...I have issues with large flying insects...especially CICADAS, DRAGONFLIES, or FLYING COCKROACHES

8...Once a friend in my book, always a friend...or at least until you muck up in a severe way

9...I've never been down South, out West, to Europe or anywhere out of this country

10...Looking at the clock I can see my butt is running late again for work..I'm out!

artist greggy on 06.03.04 @ 07:32 AM EST


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