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Thursday, June 16th

for a lil bit...

As most of you have noticed by now my visits and posts are becoming more and more infrequent due to circumstances beyond my control in my personal life that require me to focus my energies and attentions elsewhere for the time being at least. Summer vacations, hectic work schedules, physical ailments, family health emergencies and issues, and other major dramas have all joined forces in an attempt to drive a brother nuts. With me already being 100% bona-fide nuts anyway from the get go, all this added negative energy is having a detrimental effect upon my internet social interaction skills. I haven't blogged as much as I used to, and I know I've been slacking in visiting folks and yakking, my apologies, but life has made it clear for me that it has other priorities for me to deal with for a little bit of time. That being said, I am forced to once more depart from here....for a lil bit. Peace friends, I'll sketch y'all later!.
Artist Greggy on 06.16.05 @ 10:07 PM EST


Sunday, June 12th

in the flow...

Sitting here just marinating in some creative vibes...aint feeling no pain, not even breaking a sweat, got Tupac in rotation taking me home....hey I got nothing to say for real. I got my flow wide open and doing my art thing creating strange new worlds and letting it take me wherever whatever...Forgive a brutha for talking gibberish, but when I'm doing art and music got me moving in tune with my flow, you best just sit back and listen if you can...but if you can't...then just breathe. I'll sketch ya later...
Artist Greggy on 06.12.05 @ 05:25 PM EST


Wednesday, June 8th


I'm happy to announce that my Mom's surgery was a success! She say's thanks to all of my web family who stopped by with well wishes and prayers for her health, your thoughts and prayers were much appreciated, not only from her, but my entire family! She is doing so much better in fact that she already has been sent home from the hospital to continue her recovery at home, so that's more good news. I'm feeling so much better and able to relax now that I know Mom is feeling so much better too!! The trip up there was good, no major accidents or nasty surprises although I must say that from now on I don't think I'll be starting any more of my trips in the wee hours of the morning since having to deal with the thick pea-soup like fog that hovers in the mountains of Maryland and Pennsylavania overnite is pretty stressful. The return trip went smooth too except your homie took a wrong exit since they were doing some major road construction along my return route with detour after detour and yours truly went the wrong way for almost 30 minutes before I realized I was going the wrong way! I ended up deep in the hills of West Virginia instead of taking the exit ramp to Route 68 from Route 79 south in Pennsylvania which would have taken me east toward Maryland and Baltimore. Luckily for me, even though the locals were some scary looking rednecks who I was hesitant to ask for directions, they were very helpful in getting me pointed back in the direction I needed to be and I resumed my trip without any more "diversions". One other strange note that I thought was pretty odd...On the entire drive back from Pittsburgh to Baltimore, a trip of roughly 4-5 hours drive time, I kid you not, I did not see ONE other driver who was black! I swear this to you, not one single other driver that I either passed or passed me going the other way was black. Not even in the frinking rest stops. I was beginning to think maybe they had outlawed driving while black or something and I didn't get the notice...LOL.

Anyway, thanks again gang for sending Mom your vibes of support and well wishes...prayer is a powerful force and we all appreciated everyone's kind thoughts! Now that I'm safely back in Maryland, it's time to get back to work and resume my life as an average black man on the verge. I'll catch up with all my blog-hopping over the next few days. Y'all be cool!
Artist Greggy on 06.08.05 @ 06:59 AM EST


Saturday, June 4th

Taking a moment...

I’ve decided to take a brief hiatus while I take care of some family issues. I’m also making another trip up to Pennsylvania to be there with my Mom while she has surgery on Monday the 6th. Her birthday was the 4th and she has to have surgery on the 6th...*sigh* But I know she's in good hands, God has already worked this out for her. Although the circumstances of my making the trip are not for fun and games, it is still a blessing for me whenever I get a chance to see the rest of my family who lives up that way. Plus now I get to say Happy Belated Birthday to her in person this year! Me and my other lovely sister Tina from Richmond, Va. were originally hoping to meet each other halfway in Breezewood, Pa., and then make the trip the rest of the trip together but circumstances on my end make that scenario improbable, thus she’ll be leaving before me and will be there by the time I make it up there. Plus she’ll have a pretty active 3 year old along with her, so her drive is going to be a bit more stressful no doubt, while I’ll be making the trip solo…At least on the trip back we can follow each other halfway, although her drive is a lot longer than mine, I think she got maybe around 8 hours while mine is about 4 and a half hours, maybe 5 if the troopers are acting like "batches".

Anyway, y’all be good and I’ll sketch all y’all later when I return.

Artist Greggy on 06.04.05 @ 03:28 PM EST


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