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Sunday, July 31st


this post is being posted by a close personal friend of Greg.

On July 17th, Greg was involved in a tragic car accident in Baltimore City that involved somone fleeing from the police. While driving with his wife Cheryl and daughter Serena, his car was literally torn apart and destroyed by another driver who was fleeing from the police after several days of criminal activity. His car was broadsided at a very high rate of speed and flipped over several times after traveling for several hundred feet. Unfortunately his wife Cheryl was killed in the resulting accident and his daughter Serena was severely injured. Greg was also critically injured and as a result had to have his spleen removed along with having several small fractures to some small bones in his back. He spent some time in the hospital and was released on Monday the 25th of July. He currently is recuperating at home and at this time we all ask that everyone pray for him and his family.

Please feel free to leave any messages of well wishes or support for him either on this site or if you wish please write to him at his email address which is lsted below.

Although Greg has been through and still is undergoing a exteremely traumatic time, any messages of support will be acknowledged and answered ASAP. He is currently resting at home and periodically will be checking his email when he is able to and answering any mail or notes. Please pray for him and his family and wish for his continuing recovery.

Any cards or messages of support send to his home address:
Gregory Broadnax
700 North Streeper St
Baltimore Md 21205

Any email please send to his email address:

I spoke with Greg today and both he and his daughter Serena are doing better but we all realize that the road ahead for them both will be long and difficult. Your support in any way will help them on that journey. Thank you.
Artist Greggy on 07.31.05 @ 11:04 PM EST


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