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Wednesday, July 5th

Now I lay me down to sleep...

First I’d like to thank all of you who left me advice on my last post on how to handle the situation concerning a so-called “friend” who through their actions had caused me to lose my trust and level of respect for them. After reading the advice you guys left and also after praying about it, for I do pray about everything that troubles me, I believe the correct path for me to follow was for me to just move beyond it and learn a valuable lesson from it. This person and I had already started moving apart from one another as friends since the beginning of the year so I decided to just let the cycle complete without the need for me to stir up any further drama by confrontation or asking for an explanation of their behavior. After praying about it all I was able to let it go without bitterness and/or anger, or a need to seek revenge or retribution, thus I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders now and I can once again breathe freely.

Next up on my plate…how do you relate to your dreams? In other words…do you take your dreams literally or do you perhaps search you dreams for hidden meanings and/or clues as to what your dream may be trying to tell you? Or do you even remember what it was that you dreamt about in the first place? Well as for me, I’ve always not only had the ability to remember my dreams in great detail but have also always taken the time to note particular details and events that occur in my dreams especially if they reoccur repeatedly or more than once. No doubt some of our dreams are triggered by events that unfold on the daily in our personal lives, by our unconscious mind working with all the various degrees of input we receive throughout the day or even other outside stimuli such as stress, anger, grief, and perhaps even drugs for those of you who decide to go that way. Some of my dreams have been quite “vivid” and have literally left me shaking my head when I woke the next morning wondering to myself “whoa…where the heck did that come from?” I assure you however that these are not drug-induced dreams or dreams triggered by thoughts that I could recall consciously. I have noticed however, and especially since I’ve recovered from the trauma related to my accident from last year that my dreams seem to be getting more intense and seemed to have me witnessing events as an outsider versus my usual dreams of me as an active participant in the events unfolding in my dreams. Here is an example of a dream that I had recently:

I was seated in a large arena surrounded by what appeared to be several thousand people who were of various races and ethnic backgrounds. It seemed as if everyone was shouting back and forth across the aisles and rows of seating to each other as if they were having a very loud, animated and spirited conversation and dialogue about something that either about to happen or something that they specifically came to the arena in the expectation of seeing happen, sort of like as if you were seated in a stadium and were waiting for the big game to start. Everyone seemed to be speaking in a different language but amazingly they all seemed to be able to understand what the other person was conversing about…everyone except me that is. I had no clue as to what everyone was talking about and the more I strained to capture what was being said, the more the words seemed foreign to me. I was getting quite frustrated at not being able to understand what was going on around me so I turned my attention to the center of the arena so that perhaps I could at least figure out what I was there for. In the center of the arena was a brightly lit ball that from where I was seated appeared to be on fire. It was roughly about the size of a basketball and was so bright that it was difficult to look at for more than a few seconds. After a moment it became apparent that the ball was really the earth, or at least a representation of the earth. It was floating a few feet off the ground and spinning slowly as it circled the inner edges of the arena at ground level. As it passed in front of each section of the audience the crowd paused in their loud shouting and talking to quietly glimpse the globe as it passed and then after it had passed they returned to their animated conversations. As it passed in front of my section, I noticed that I could understand the conversations in the rest of the arena but once the globe had passed my section I was once more unable to decipher the many languages being spoken by all the different groups around me. I gathered by what I had heard that they were excitedly preparing for the arrival of a “spaceship” that was supposed to land in the arena and take everyone away. At this point in my dream I became a bit apprehensive and tried to get up to leave but was prevented from doing so by the people around me, some of who had begun trying to convince me that this so called “spaceship” was a good thing to look forward to since it would reveal all the answers to every question mankind ever had and I shouldn’t be afraid. I started screaming and struggling to get away and while I was struggling a gigantic boat floated down into the arena. The funny thing is that although I had a sense that this was a boat while it was floating down the top of it was a church or cathedral since the “crew” on the deck seemed to have on papal robes or the garments I would associate with clergy in some of the larger churches. Even more disturbing was the fact that the leader of this strange looking vessel had on the garments that someone like the Pope would wear but he seemed to be speaking in what I took to be Arabic which seemed totally out of character for his appearance to me since he was a very thin looking bald-headed Caucasian. Everyone in the arena could understand him however and were loudly clapping and signifying their approval for what he was saying. At one point it seemed as if he was looking at me struggling and began speaking directly to me asking me where I worked and also for my email address so he could make things right with me. Things got a bit hazy after that and after what seemed like an eternity of continued struggling I managed to wake up. Of course after awakening I laid there in bed afterwards thinking to myself…”Hmm…what the heck was that all about?” So you tell me…does your homie have wild dreams or what? And what would be your take on what I dreamed? First let me mention that I neither drink nor drug, so rule that out first and foremost, k?

Artist Greggy on 07.05.06 @ 12:05 PM EST


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