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Saturday, October 30th

Is anyone home???

I couldn't help but notice how quiet the internet scene has become lately. Sure I know there are a few of my web family taking breaks here and there but recently over the past month or so it has gotten almost like a ghost town around these Just a handful of the peeps I used to vibe with on the regular stop by now, but I've always chalked that up to the fact that other folks have lives Just seems to be extra quiet lately...

Once, during a discussion on the job, we were discussing the reasons why my site gets very few visitors who leave comments in comparison to the number of people who visit and don't leave comments. I asked a few co-workers to "evaluate" my site for me, you know like sort of give me their opinion of what they thought of my site and suggest possible areas for improvement. Out of a total of 7 peeps that I asked, everyone seemed to adore it, saying it was beautiful and the artwork was gorgeous. Everyone agreed to a T that there really wasn't much I could do to improve it except possibly "market" my site more and begin selling my art from my site. Everyone except 1 that is. This lone dissenter suggested to me that perhaps the reason I don't get that many visitors and commentors on my blog is because I don't use enough profanity or shocking themes, or in other words, my site is too boring...hmmm. That may be the case then...Oh wellski, knamean? I must have missed that boat for sure then. Especially the part about I don't use enough curse words here...LMAO!! I've visited many a site where profanity is the favorite form of communication it seems, but to me that is their choice, not mine. I myself prefer not to curse on my blog, or at least keep it to a bare minimum, but that is a personal choice for me. I just found it amazing that someone would have the audacity to suggest I needed to curse more to attract more visitors to my blog. Who said cursing anyway makes it appear that you are "keeping it real"??? Frinking's Saturday, dagsnabbit! LOL. Do you guys have any idea how much I have been waiting for the weekend to arrive??? That first week back at work after taking a vacation took its toll on your boy...alls I want is to do the Big Chill. Already I'm thinking of my vacations for next year. I'm thinking of taking all my vacations as Mondays off...LMAO.

Y'all be good!
Have a gravy weekend too!

Artist Greggy on 10.30.04 @ 10:09 AM EST


Monday, October 25th

Home Sweet Home

Well, I'm back in Maryland after returning from my weekend trip to western Pennsylvania.
I guess I can sum it up in 3 parts: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

The Good: My goodness, all of my nieces and nephews are just so beautiful. I am so proud of both of my sisters children and had such a wonderful time playing and clowning with all of them. I stayed at my sister Donna's house and we all went out to dinner one evening and had a wonderful time getting a chance to become re-acquainted with everyone again. Unfortunately I could only spend one evening there due to the fact that I had to head back to Baltimore on Sunday, but still a wonderful time was had by all. I cant wait until I visit up that way again which should be soon, hopefully before the Christmas holiday.

The Bad: The weather, both going up there and on the way back sucked big time. We left at Saturday at 4:30 a.m. from Baltimore and had relatively decent weather conditions then, but by the time we hit the mountains of Western Maryland everything went down hill. Mainly it was the fog. I have never driven in fog that thick before. I did get a little bit nervous a few times because visibility had dropped to like 1 car length in front of you and we were driving through mountains with all these curvy roads and hills. Then both my wife and daughter woke up and instantly became back seat and passenger side drivers for me...LMAO. Plus I got to thinking about all those chain reaction collisions you be hearing about all the time on the news, where like 500 cars crash into each other in foggy weather. Thankfully it didn't last the whole journey but it did happen on the way back too as we drove through lower Pennsylvania heading back. Maybe they should rename Pennsylvania, Foggyvania or sum'.

The Ugly: Remember in my last blog I mentioned something about over-zealous state troopers? Well wouldn't you know, it wasn't a state trooper who decided to make his day, it was one of those tiny town police department coppers who took a chance that I might be some high-level drug dealer from Maryland and decided to pull me over just miles from my sisters house on a trumped up accusation of speeding...LOL. Check this though, my daughter who just recently had bought a camcorder, just happened to have it out and was filming the passing scenery from the back seat when Dudley Do Right decided to flip his lights on and pull me over.. Girlfriend saved me from getting a ticket no doubt. It was a 35 MPH zone right? Homeboy was doing bout 38-maybe 39 (meanwhile "other" drivers are just zipping past me) and I know this because the cop-man had been following us for at least 2-3 miles and I had been watching him in my rear-view the whole time so naturally your boy wasn't going to go do something foolish and speed while he was in view anyway. When he flipped his lights on I knew right from the jump what the deal was. I was getting pulled over for DWB...that's driving while black for those of you who have not a clue. In any event Mr. Copman saunters up to my window with this sneer on his face asking "Do you have any idea why I pulled you over?"...naturally I answered back that I didn't have a clue, although what I really wanted to say wasn't nowhere near as polite. He claimed I was doing 56 in a 35 MPH zone. I replied that I didn't believe him but also said I wasn't about to sit there and argue with him since he had the power. As he turned to take my paperwork and license back to his car to call it in he noticed that my daughter had decided to continue filming the entire incident on her camcorder. He sat in his car and got on the radio and after about 5 minutes eased on back up to my car and proclaimed all nice-like..."Well, tell ya what I'm gonna do son....I'm going to give you a verbal warning this time, but the speed limit up this way is 35..." Naturally I did that role of "Thank you, appreciate that officer..." but as I drove away I cussed him out something terrible...LMAO...The funny thing is, my daughter Rena still had the tape recording so naturallly she caught that part too! It was frinking hilarious watching and listening to the whole episode afterwards. But bottom line is this...the tape clearly showed I wasn't speeding because it showed other cars zipping past me and it also showed how slow we were moving in comparison to the passing scenery. Mr. Copman apparently saw my out-of-state plates and thought he was about to make headlines like they do on that show C.O.P.S, where they catch hi-level drug smugglers passing through their state... LOL. Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Copman, but your homie don't roll like that. Your boy is not that stoopid in life, aight?..So 100 huggzzz and kissses to my daughter for having that camcorder rolling at that particular time, you saved your Dad a couple hunnid, no doubt..LOL

So, thats my trip in a nutshell, sure is good to be home though. Unfortunately this is my first day back at work after returning from a weeks vacation...well, you know how that goes!

Y'all have a great week ahead!

Artist Greggy on 10.25.04 @ 07:22 AM EST


Friday, October 22nd

Ahhh...the weekend!

Well my brothers and sisters, the weekend is upon us again...can I get a Heyyyy!!!!! I'm preparing to flee Maryland for my much anticipated weekend jaunt up yonder to Pennsylvania land to slay dragons and fire-eating beasts. Well...not fire-eating beasts, maybe they just spit smoke...LOL. Seriously, after getting the car repaired I'm finally about ready to split this joint and go check out my Mom at her place and my sister Donna and her crew where they chilling at up there.

Speaking of the car....You want to know what was causing me to have car "issues" in the first place? Apparently in most major urban areas, Baltimore included, "rodents", errrr...rats, have taken a liking to newer model automobile engine blocks since they are a warm place to rest on a chilly night as the engine block in a car cools down...they have a habit of climbing from underneath into the engine blocks of some cars that have recently parked and while they are chilling out down there they apparently have discovered how tasty electrical wiring is for them. So while they are there, they chew the electrical wiring up, which in my particular case just happened to be the wiring that controls the linkage between the transmission and the engine, thus the problems I was experiencing. Frinking amazing, huh? It's not just a "city" issue either as I am told by the car repair folks that even people in the burbs have that problem too, except a lot of their issues are caused by squirrels...And squirrels go buck wild nuts on some automobile wiring systems, almost as if it's squirrel crack or sum'...LOL. I've been told to employ the "moth ball" defense though. Basically you get some moth balls or moth ball crystals and pour them into little pouches made from old stockings and then find a way to afix said pouches underneath and inside the engine block area of the the car so that they are bundled securely within the automobile electrical wiring harness. This is supposed to be like pepper spray to rodents and squirrels. Seems to be working so far...*shrug* And for all of you out there going "Ewwww, he got rats where he lives..Ewwww....!"...laugh and get over it. They aint my rats..LOL. I hate 'em just like you do. They make homes in just about every neck of the woods known to man, but of course you'll find more of them wandering city streets in disguise no doubt. I'll just have to make sure I am more selective in where I park Only thing that really put a damper on my spirits was the fact that I took the car to the shop expecting something to be mechanically wrong that would be covered by the warranty. Of course wires being munched on by hungry crack-infested rodents can't be found nowhere in the little blue book, dagsnabbit! Little bassards set me back 176 smackeroos!

Anyway...enough of life in the city, my thoughts now turn to mentally preparing for the drive up Pittsburgh. I'll prepare my self by eating junk food most of the day for maximum sugar overload. By the time I start the trip early in the morning I'll be bouncing off the walls and it'll help me stay awake while driving..LMAO. Also, by relaxing most of the day and laying low, I'll conserve energy and then by around 9-10 o'clock tonight I should be ready to pull the plug and call it a day. Hopefully if I can get myself, the wife and daughter up and everyone ready to roll by 4 in the morning we can flee then! If I don't run into a flock of quota-hungry state troopers or sum' it shouldn't take more than 4.5 to 5 hours drive time and that's including 1 highway sanity pit-stop. So...Midland, Pennsylvania here I come!...

*mentally plotting in my memory the exact location of 2 infamous tire-eating potholes on the Pa. Turnpike that apparently are placed there by their Dept. of Roads and Highways just for my car every trip that I have ever taken up that way*

Hope you guys have a great weekend!
I'll sketch y'all latah!

Artist Greggy on 10.22.04 @ 10:48 AM EST


Monday, October 18th

On fire...again

As indicated in my previous blog, I had to re-schedule my planned weekend trip up to western Pennsylvania to see some family due to un-timely car issues. Sometimes I swear it seems that cars have some kind of weird intelligence of their own because it seems every time I am planning on a long jaunt somewhere the car starts acting all funny and everything…hmmm. Anyway, it’s just a temporary set-back, as I will just make the trip this coming weekend instead after having the car worked over in the shop. I’m just thankful that at least the car acted foolish now instead of after I was out in the middle of the boonies somewhere before deciding to chill out on me, knamean? A scenario like that would severely impair my ability to maintain my composure, no doubt.

But the good news is a brother is again on vacation for a week so I decided to take advantage of my alleged "free" time and cook up a new flavor for my page, hope it “warms” your hearts…lol.

How has the world been treating my peoples? Awful? Terrible? Horrendously? If so, then quit waiting on the world to treat you to something good and treat the world to something good instead! I’m burning up and on fiiiiyyyyyyaaaaaa!
Y’all have a gravy week!

Artist Greggy on 10.18.04 @ 01:17 PM EST


Thursday, October 14th

Weekend Road Warrior

*EDIT*....The following blog was blogged Thursday morning before I discovered this Friday morning that my car was having mechanical issues that will force me to put off my planned weekend trip from this weekend until next weekend. *sigh* Better for it to happen now instead of while I'm on the highway in the middle of nowhere, huh?...*END EDIT*

I'm going to be making a road trip up the way to western Pennsylvania this weekend, going to go see my younger sister and her crew and my mom. I really should be beaten with sticks since I haven't been able to make the trip up there at all this year so far, in years gone past I always made it up there at least twice a year. I love making that trip while at the same time I despise making it. I love making the trip as long as the weather and traffic conditions co-operate. Once the elements turn against you, the trip can be quite nerve-wracking. You see, I love the open highway and whenever I'm taking a relatively long trip, I like being the driver. That is, providing the flow of traffic is smooth and not bumper-to-bumper. A brother will literally lose his mind in bumper-to-bumper, a change will come over me and Bad Greggy usually ends up in the drivers seat then. But give me some open highway...and no state troppers acting all antsy, pu-leeeeese! Usually when the speed limit's 65 on the hi-way, I'll more than likely be trippin 70-74. My hi-way policy is quite simple: Never be the fastest, never be the slowest, and always make sure your lights and other automobile devices (things that will give Johnny a reason to pull your axe over)are in good working order. I love driving on a nice smooth hi-way. especially at late night or very early in the morning. Give me all of those things and a brother can seriously get his flow on while driving. The only bad thing about the upcoming trip is that certain sections of Pennsylvania can literally be compared to driving on an asteroid with all the horrendous craters and tire-eating black holes on some of their roads..uuugghghh! Come to think of it, there's a certain section of I-295 around these parts that can literally "jar" you to your senses if you drive through that minefield. But all things square, I'm really looking forward to seeing some of my fambily this weekend and getting my hugzz and kisses on a lot of my nephs and neices! So Mom, Sis, here's looking at you! I'll be coming around that mountain when I come...LMAO!

Have a great day my peoples!
Surprise someone with a Random Act of Kindness!

Artist Greggy on 10.14.04 @ 07:25 AM EST


Sunday, October 10th

On the verge...of what?

When I woke up this morning I had this sense of being on the verge of something, almost as if my inner self was anticipating or expecting something big or out of the ordinary to happen. Naturally the first thing I did was to go to the computer and check my lotto tickets to see if lightning had indeed struck the Broadnax household and I was now a multi-millionaire. Well as you can see, I am still on that verge or whatever that feeling is called...LOL People laugh and joke all the time about what they would do if they hit the Powerball or Mega-Millions or whatever the hell it's called in your part of the world. Come on honest with yourself. In spite of how we all sit around and proclaim how much we would all of a sudden become wise humanitarians and such, puh-leeeeease! Give me a break. How many of you know deep in your hearts that if you, won let's say...$100 million lump sum in a lotto, know you would go just straight up crazy and spend like there was no tomorrow? Can you even imagine winning 100 million? Just think of the the consequences though....Can you even imagine how many lost relatives and especially "friends" would suddenly surface? Goodness...every person who ever made eye contact with you would probably be trying to stake a claim..LMAO. Could you handle the change that you'd certainly be going through? I read somewhere once that they did a "study" of big mega-lottery winners and the vast majority of them are unhappier now than before they won. Amazing. All I can tell you is this...If this brother won $1oo million dollars in the lotto, you'd best believe I'm going to change...LOL. Remember that song..."If You Don't Know Me by Now" by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes??..Well, like it say's..if you don't know me by now, you'll never, ever...ever ever get to know me...LMAO. Seriously, though, I really don't think I'd change that much, because my inner self, my soul is already operating under a "code red" alert, always prepared for the whatever. If anything I'd become a bit more cautious of the folk I come in contact with afterwards. And most definitely I would quit my job straight up. There's no way I could last two more weeks at that place knowing I'm sitting on that kind of wealth. Sorry, ya, but let my ticket turn up the winner, ok? I remember back in the day when one of our managers told all of us in a meeting that we are "disposable" as the economy shifts. How true that would be then if I new economy would certainly dictate an immediate separation from service. I'd gladly step aside and let someone else fill my boots...LOL. But my 'mediate fambily would most certainly be set, knamean? And I could only imagine the house and connected art studio I would build..Mmmm..It'll have a huge *POP*...uhhh?hmm...oh

Daydream suddenly ended by telephone ringing...LMAO.....Whew, your boy was gone for a moment...Kirk to Enterprise..1 to beam up!

It is nice to daydream though..aint it?
Be good my peoples.

Artist Greggy on 10.10.04 @ 12:04 PM EST


Tuesday, October 5th


One question my peoples...

Why do folk who know they are infested with germs, bacteria, viruses, microbes or the whatnot...why do they insist on coming to work knowing they are going to infest the entire office with their poison particles they be spewing out with every breath, sniffle, hack and cough?? Needless to say, your boy has fallen victim to a co-workers attempt to poison the entire Northern Hemisphere and now whatever this thing is thats frinking with me has me whipped. And on that note, I guess I'll take a chill pill and call it a night. Time for me to go lay low for a few days or sum' and try to get my healing vibes where did I put them Alka-Seltzer Plus Gels at? *sniffle*

Artist Greggy on 10.05.04 @ 12:14 AM EST


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