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Sunday, October 1st

Life comes at you fast....

Lord knows I tried...I've wanted to post a new blog posting here since early-September but everytime I found time to post something or even found something to post about I got distracted and thrown off course by some silliness happening in my life or somewhere else in the world. Something, somehwere, somehow it was always something....Bush, global warming, Iraq, the local elections here in Baltimore, gasoline prices bobbing and weaving all over the scale, workplace issues, Bush, the spinach scare (which I got sick from a few weeks ago but thankfully not in a major way), vacation, death in the family, the Iran nuclear situation, me just being straight up lazy, the space shuttle, wanting to go sleep-sleep everytime I logged on in the evening after work, Bush, the beginning of football season in all it's LCD High-Definition flat panel glory, the start of the new season of "The Wire" on HBO, Bush, promising friendships blossoming all over the spectrum, attending my 6 yr old grandsons football games, playing with the new grand-daughter (4 months old now), Bush, me carefully tip-toeing my way through unfamiliar territory dealing with inter-personal relationships, wanting to visit so many people across the country but having so little time, the major disaster that we call democracy in Iraq, Bush.....indeed so many things, so little time. Suffice to say that I at least still have a sound mind and body, and can still entertain an occasional rational thought so perhaps shortly or at least in the very near future I will at least attempt to change my background visuals. Plus I will try to articulate or say something a little bit more..."meaningful" the next time. I promise.
Artist Greggy on 10.01.06 @ 10:02 PM EST


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