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Friday, November 28th

Just wondering....

I wonder why it seems that the folks who are driving the craziest out there are the ones with the most expensive cars? On that note....let us talk about road rage for a hot moment may I? Why is it that everytime you are driving and late going somewhere the person next to you in the next lane or in front of you is just coasting like it's a Sunday stroll??? And then when you try to pass them, they speed up as if they took it personal?? I don't consider myself to have road rage, although my wife and daughter beg to differ..LMAO. I like to say that I have T.A.D...."traffic anxiety disorder:. a mild case at that! I am quite polite and courteous as long as the other driver signals his intentions or makes an effort to be considerate also, but have little patience for the road hogs who barrel up out of nowhere and try to force their way around the is then and only then (LOL) that I lose it....But I have discovered that at times even I am guilty of doing the very same things that make me "kirk out" when other drivers put me on the other side of the equation...Something to think about, given the fact that more and more drivers are sharing less and less available road space...Hmmm, what about you? Do you or someone close to you have road rage?
artistgreggy on 11.28.03 @ 09:30 PM EST


Tuesday, November 25th

What do YOU have to be "Thankful" for???

While at work today I couldn't help but notice how many people were rushing around anxiously awaiting Wednesday to come and go so they could start for most what will be a long Holiday weekend. I wondered how many of them had even paused to give thought to what the coming Holiday was even all about. For most folk it seems as if Thanksgiving Day has just become a Glutton's Sports Festival, an unspoken OK to just let loose and eat as much as you can, then sit back and watch football..Well, I can see the football part..LMAO..j/k..
But why do a lot of people feel that it's all about stuffing the ole pork barrel until you feel like busting? How does that fit into the scheme of giving thanks? and if it does then what are the thanks for? I mean, without trying to sound holier than thou, since I myself have thrown down and will throw down again if necessary, depending on who cooked (LOL), but was just wondering have we all just become accustomed to the "stuff your face" mentality enough so that we don't even notice anymore?
In the extremely upsetting times that we as a species live in, what with all these wars and rumours of wars, famines, diseases, weather that done gone wild and whatever, and all kinds of crazy ish happening everywhere, what do YOU in your own personal lives, TRULY have to be thankful for?
artistgreggy on 11.25.03 @ 09:16 PM EST


Monday, November 24th

So this is what it feels like to blog :o)

cool eh?Well with a lot of help from Nina & Karen I've decided to expose yet another rift in the deep and mysterious mind of this brother, the one they call Artist Greggy with this thing called a "blog"...who the heck invented that name anyway? A "Blog"...sounds mediciney. LOL..Well, in any event, after struggling for way more than a week with this thing getting it configured and working halfway the way I want it to, and just trying to understand the language behind all this GreyMatter whatnot has left my brain on M.T, so I'll use my first yik-yak to give props sort of....I really do not know squat about most of this web design coding stuff, and have nothing but RESPECT for those of you who whip out boss layouts on the regular using all kinds of flash this and splash that and whatever, especially the younger ones! I am just holding my head above water in comparison wink, but I never started out to do layouts anyway, I just want to show some of my art to the masses. I also have a hella lot respect and love for those of you who know how to keep it real and not let the world change you, but instead who are changing the world......And last but certainly not least Mucho love and respect to all of you who have graced my world from time to time and then put up with my meaningless drivvle on your "blogs"...With that said, since I am tired than a you know what....Artist Greggy has left the building for the night....Stay Blessed~1~ blush
artistgreggy on 11.24.03 @ 08:13 PM EST



I think I've got it!!!!

This is my Last test before I fling open the doors to civilization and expose the inner workings of my mind to the unsuspecting public wink
artistgreggy on 11.24.03 @ 05:11 PM EST


Saturday, November 22nd

ok...still tweaking this bad boy...

artistgreggy on 11.22.03 @ 08:08 PM EST



It's on!!!

The time for testing is gone....let's roll!!! cool eh?
artistgreggy on 11.22.03 @ 03:01 PM EST



Finally joining the blogging family...

Well my friends...I've finally got this thing about ready for launch... cool eh?
artistgreggy on 11.22.03 @ 02:51 PM EST


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