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Monday, November 29th

Hello there!

Finally back in the flow again after almost a month away from my site. A brother had to take care of some other aspects of my life that were begging for attention. I decided to change up my attitude too on the way back in, hence the new look. Again, nothing fancy-smancy, but it’ll serve it’s purpose knamean? My web hosts server has been acting like a foo lately so if you ever do stop by and my page aint there or some other foolishness like that…

The family and me spent the holiday with my older sister Tina and her crew down in Richmond and we all had a blast. Since I was off that Friday I was able to make a 4-day weekend out of the deal, so you know your boy was a happy camper. It’s still hard to believe that Christmas is just about here already, knamean? I mean just a hot moment ago it seems we were talking about heat waves and hurricanes….*sigh*

Anyways, glad to be back in the moment with y’all! I certainly have a lot of reading of blogs to do I can see, but right now I just want to sleep...LOL. Hope everyone has been doing great and had a great holiday too. I'll vibe y'all later!

Artist Greggy on 11.29.04 @ 09:08 PM EST


Monday, November 8th

I don't have much to say...
thought I'd call you up anyway...
Daddy's All Gone...

just trying to find a flow

Have a great week! I'll sketch y'all later!

Artist Greggy on 11.08.04 @ 07:31 AM EST


Tuesday, November 2nd

OK...what now?

Lord grant all those who have just voted, who are about to vote and even those who have decided not to vote the patience and the maturity to accept the results of this election as they are counted and hopefully not have this whole mess end up being decided by a group of old fogies sitting on a bench at the Big Court, knamean?

Whatever happens this election, whether we're going to have Bush for 4 more or a new beginning with Kerry, folks have to understand that who ever the heck ends up with the big enchilada must be held accountable and that job is OUR responsibility. Why do folk only get passionate about issues only when there is an election? Agitate when ever it aint right, folk...agitate. I just pray who ever our next President is, that God guides him in the extraordinarily difficult days ahead.
Make a Difference Today!

Artist Greggy on 11.02.04 @ 07:29 AM EST


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