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Thursday, December 7th

In my idleness I was thinking...

Idle thoughts….

We are on the verge of something...I believe all of us are. On the verge of something like humanity has never seen before. I continue to feel that this year coming upon us shortly will be a year of incredible and simply unimaginable events and happenings. I know quite a few people who don't follow the news, especially international news or bother to keep up with current events on a global scale. Perhaps many would say "Why should I care or bother about events in another country when I live way over here?" or "Who cares what happens in another country just as long as it doesn't impact me directly?" But the reality is that we all live on one planet, regardless of how many countries there are here at any given moment, we still share one domain. What happens in any country on earth impacts each and every other country on this planet in one way or another, sooner or later. Being knowledgeable about current events and/or happenings in other countries does not mean constantly being all up in their bizwhack trying to dictate how folks should be breathing and all (like we as a country have a habit of doing). It just means acquiring and keeping updated with the basic knowledge of what is going on in the world around us so we can better understand the issues we face collectively on a global scale as a species. Of particular interest and concern is the work being done on the biogenetics level in the medical field. A lot of this genetic engineering work is being done in countries that have little or no regulatory oversight, which by itself carries a greater risk of something going wrong. As history has already demonstrated time and time again, whenever someone “invented” or “discovered” something that seemingly would cure all the ills of mankind, then someone else would use that same technology for evil against mankind. Tinkering around with the DNA, manipulating the genetic makeup of existing animals and actually creating new life forms by combining and customizing genes to achieve a desired result is not the stuff of science fiction anymore. In this day and age what with all the evilness in the world and the availability of so many different ways to wreak havoc on a global scale, mankind as a whole must surely pause to realize just how close we are to the edge….

And those who know a brother can tell you there is no shame in my game when I also testify to a belief in biblical prophecy. I don’t force this point of view on anyone so don't hate, just try to relate and celebrate, k? I do believe that certain things and events that have happened recently and will happen in the very near future are bound by biblical prophesy. I can very much see how current events around the world especially in the Middle East and Asia and also here in America are beginning to give a clearer picture as to the direction mankind is heading as it relates to fulfilling biblical prophecy. But all in all I look forward to all things to come with eagerness and joy in my heart. In my opinion this coming year promises to be one of unforeseen wonders, both good and bad. I pray to God for the wisdom and strength to understand the things I need to understand and the courage to act upon the things I need to act upon.

Artist Greggy on 12.07.06 @ 05:43 PM EST


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